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Understanding Co-Responsibility and Leadership Style

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 29/08/2017

GSP Link Persons’ Workshop was held at Good Shepherd Convent Rosary Hall, Quezon city Philippines on August 25-27, 2017 with an attendance of 17 Sisters & 19 Lay Mission Partners. The theme is on” Understanding Co-responsibility and Leadership Style” as a capacity building formation for the community link persons of GSP.

On the first day, the participants tackled their understanding of co-responsibility or partnership as personally lived and witnessed by the mission partners in their communities. There were 6 groupings of 7 members each. Mounted on each table were the group names as followed: “Fist Bump, Hash Tag, Kita Kita, Gets Kita, Swak na Swak and Ayos Na.”

The second day opened with the meditation on “Winds of Change” video. Ken Villaruz, the resource person and consultant on module making, introduced the learning activity: “ Air Ball Processing” which displayed the interaction of participants and highlighted the differences, diversity in peoples’ thinking and ways.  The game showed the challenge of working together, to integrate and actively engaged for good result. Conclusion: Integrate our hearts, minds and spirit to enliven the Good Shepherd Mission. This became the introduction to the theories of Spiral Dynamics and the Four Quadrants.

At noon, the participants heard the pleas of the displaced Lumad students and teachers to help “Save Our Schools,” due to the harassment, discrimination and killings of leaders suffered by the indigenous peoples, worsened by the President’s declaration of Martial Law in the whole Mindanao. This was  a significant grounding on the changing realities of our time.

The group continued with the painting exercise to express the culture of the individual and the group. They shared the process and meaning behind their painting which highlighted for them the significance of Spiral Dynamics to know who and where they were at, as well as,  to understand the diversity of how people thought and acted, much needed in leadership training.  

Sunday activity focused on understanding the 4 Quadrants, with each group answering the questionnaire (introduced by Gendrie Klein Breteler in the GSAPP Conference.) The group ended with appropriate and inspiring biblical quotations.  Finding one’s leadership style through the individual responses to the leadership style questionnaire showed the mission partners as mostly on the interactive and creative style while it was good to have a few but solid mission partners  on the methodical and practical side. Each link person wrote their responses on an evaluation of the local GSP. The workshop ended with the closing video prayer “We Are One.”

Recommendation by the GSP link persons: Celebrate GS Partnership on the week of August 19,  the feast of St. John Eudes, because of his strong orientation to women, in listening to them, in establishing religious community of the Refuge, Our Lady of Charity and for his special devotion to Mary and to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  

GSP General Assembly would be on November 12-14, 2017 at Mary ridge, Tagaytay City.