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MMTDFI assistance to frontliners in hospitals, checkpoints and LGUs

Mountain Maid Training and Development Foundation, Inc. (MMTDF) run by the Religious of the Good Shepherd donated ube jam and chocolate crinkles to frontliners in hospitals, check points and local government… More>>

Religious Communities during the time
of COVID 19

From Global Sisters Report: The COVID-19 pandemic upended sisters' ministries, requiring strict policies to protect the most vulnerable, forcing cancellations of congregational and regional gatherings,… More>>

Philippines-Japan Province Chapter held

  The 2020 Province Chapter of the Religious of the Good Shepherd in Philippines-Japan started on March 16, 2020 at the Divine Child Auditorium of St. Bridget School in Quezon City with the chapter… More>>


The lamp in the Oratory of St. Mary Euphrasia at the Mother House
in Angers, France burns this week for the
Province of West Africa (Senegal and Burkina Faso)

Good Shepherd Sisters in the Province of Philippines-Japan pray
Welcome House-Tahanan Community

"Have a high esteem of your vocation -and what a sublime one!" (Conf. 15)

"Oh yes, if you keep faithfully to the mission God has entrusted to you, if you love it sincerely, you will be able to do much good, for great works are only achieved by love."


From St. Mary Euphrasia