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Local Leaders' Meeting 2014

The local leaders, both RGS and CGS  throughout the Philippines arrived at different times.    Their accommodations were  well prepared at the Good Shepherd Community (GSC). … More>>

Sister Stefania renews vows

On July 1, during the 6:30 a.m. Mass which was presided by Rev. Fr. Manol Montesclaros, SJ, Sister Mary Stefania Simona Aceti, a temporary professed Sister from Italy, renewed her vows as a member of… More>>

Triple Celebration at the Good Shepherd Provincialate

JUNE 27th:  Reunification through merger OLC and OLC Good Shepherd   As one enters the Chapel, one gets the significance of the occasion immediately for on the right of the altar wall is a huge… More>>


The lamp in the Oratory of St. Mary Euphrasia at the Mother House
in Angers, France burns this week for the 
Province of Australia/Aotearoa-NZ

Good Shepherd Sisters in the Philippine Province pray
Contemplatives of the Good Shepherd - Tagaytay

"Have a high esteem of your vocation -and what a sublime one!" (Conf. 15)

"Oh yes, if you keep faithfully to the mission God has entrusted to you, if you love it sincerely, you will be able to do much good, for great works are only achieved by love."


From St. Mary Euphrasia