60 Years of Hiddenness in God

We have a good reason to be happy and be grateful today, May 11, 2021, since we are blessed to celebrate the faithfulness and graciousness of God beyond measure on this 60th anniversary of Philippine foundation as Contemplative Sisters.

Our original house founded in Quezon City in 1961 was sold after 10 years of quiet beginnings. This opened another door, establishment of a community in Cebu. Although this foundation distanced us from the chaos of Martial law regime in 1972, “we also faced the tensions of self-government. Symbolically, our Sisters of St. Mary Magdalene name became Sisters of the Cross.”

In the 80’s, after in-depth studies about our identity and vocation, formation concerns were highlighted and the existing Tagaytay prayer house became our convent.  This time from Sisters of the Cross, we were now known as Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

In the 90’s, mission brought us to the pastures down in Butuan, among the landless farmers to care for Mother Earth.  We embraced the challenge to till the land and take care of creation, so as to be a presence in a place known for year-round logging and mining and among the non-Christians and the Lumads.

In the year 2000, we responded to mission beyond borders, in Europe particularly in Austria. We certainly did not wait for 10 years, because by 2005, Bishop Manolo of Virac was able to bring the sisters to his diocese.  In 2008, Sr. Fe de Paz was missioned to open a new foundation in Angola which was later transferred to Kenya.

One of the remarkable events in our contemplative life was the election of our first 3 congregational contemplative councilors in 2008 in Ecuador as members of the Congregational Leadership Team swerving as link councilors to the provinces assigned to them.

In this challenging year of pandemic, through our life of prayer, silence and solitude, we unite ourselves with our apostolic sisters in their various ministries and to our suffering humanity especially those infected with COVID-19. We thank God for creating each of us and calling us to follow His way, of living and serving Him as Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd.


(introduction at Mass for the celebration of the 60th foundation of the Contemplatives Sisters of the Good Shepherd in the Philippines in Banawa Hills, Cebu City)