Month of Mary concludes with Flores de Mayo

The Month of Mary, which is dedicated to the recitation of the rosary and offering of flowers to Mary who intercedes for our prayers concluded with Flores de Mayo.

At the Good Shepherd Convent in Quezon City, sisters, lay mission partners and women and children in the communities from the Provincialate, Good Shepherd Community-- Welcoming and Blessed Maria Droste Wellness Center, Euphrasian Community, St. Bridget School, Heart of Mary Villa and the Diaspora, a group of sisters from Visayas and Mindanao who were affected by the lockdown, gathered for the month-long celebrations. Good Shepherd Sisters from Myanmar and those from other congregations -- from Vietnam, South Korea -- also joined the celebrations.

On Saturdays, they recited the rosary, offered flowers from the garden to Mary and shared snacks.

On May 30, the Flores de Mayo, highlighted the devotion to Mary with sisters and lay mission partners dressed in national costumes. The recitation of the rosary was held at the Good Shepherd Chapel, and since it rained, the procession was held inside the chapel. 

May 31, 2020 Pentecost

Introduction- Lauds

Today, we have three different reasons to celebrate the day with full ardour and devotion. First, traditionally we celebrated the Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth. The Visitation episode in the Gospel of Luke Shows how the grace of the Incarnation, having filled Mary, brings salvation and joy to the house of Elizabeth. The Savious of humankind carried in his Mother's womb pours out the Holy Spirut revealing himself fromt he very start of  his coming into the world. The Gospel also tells us that Mary went "in haste tot he hill country."

Second, this year the feast of the Pentecost is also celebrated today. Fifity says after Easter Sunday, we commemorate the descent of the Holy Spiritu upon the Apostles and Mary and all those who believed the Resurrection of Jesus while they were in Jerusalem. We receive our Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Third, ninety-five years ago, May 31, 1925, St. John Eudes was canonized. Let us then celebrate the feast of the Congregation, the solemnity of the Church and the celebration for all humankind.