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452. Mountain Maid Training Center-
Good Shepherd Baguio@67

Background:            Mountain Maid Training celebrated its 67th year of foundation, November 11 (1952-2019).  Sixty seven years ago Bishop William Brasseur, CICM,… More>>

451. Contemplative Assembly tackles the theme, "Offer the Best of Yourself"

  Good Shepherd Contemplatives from the four communities in the Province of Philippines-Japan participated in the Contemplative Assembly held at Villa Maria in Cebu City, October 7-12.  “Offer… More>>

450. AMRSP Joint Convention held in Iloilo; delegates reflect on the theme Consecrated Persons Accompanying the Filipino Youth

  The Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (AMRSP) gathered in Iloilo City last July 14-17 for the joint convention with the theme, “Consecrated Persons Accompanying… More>>

449. RGS Asia Pacific Child Safeguarding and Protection Workshop held in Bangkok

  Representatives from the nine units of Good Shepherd Sisters in Asia Pacific participated in  the Child Safeguarding and Protection Workshop held in Bangkok, Thailand from September 10-15.… More>>

448. Cosmic Walk: Lakad- Kabataan para sa Kalikasan

Happy feast of St Francis of Assisi! As we close today, October 4, the #Seasonof Creation we share with you some photos from our Lakad Kabataan Para Sa Kalikasan held on September 28 at the… More>>

447. Climate emergency and white ube jam

Climate emergency is real.  Due to changing climate, our ube farmers are having difficulty growing ube. It has been our struggle in the recent years to find a stable supply. And in the past… More>>

446. Blessing of the Villa Maria Seminar/Retreat House

  September 14,2019. Today is the Blessing of the Villa Maria Seminar/Retreat House.Photo: Untying of ribbon led by Sr. Regina Kuizom, Sr. Edna Fuentes and Sr. Loreen Granada. It took 600 working… More>>

445. Love, gratitude and joy on Perpetual Profession of Vows as RGS

  Love, gratitude and  joy marked the Perpetual Profession of Vows of Sr. M. Nguyen Thi Bach Mai and Sr. M. Chu Thi Nguyet  Hoa last September 8 at 2 p.m., Good Shepherd Chapel in Toyonaka,… More>>

444. Perpetual Profession of Vows of RGS scheduled September 8 in Osaka, Japan

  Two Good Shepherd Sisters from the Province of Philippines-Japan will make their Perpetual Profession of Vows on September 8 at the Good Shepherd Chapel in Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan.Photo: Srs. Mai… More>>

443. Disaster Risk Reduction sessions conducted in Quezon City and Cebu City

A Disaster Risk Reduction session was held in Good Shepherd Convent on August 7, participated in by apostolic and contemplative sisters and the lay staff/mission partners in Metro Manila. Among the communities… More>>

442. Annual Retreat of RGS held in Quezon City

Good Shepherd Sisters- apostolic and contemplative-- participated in the annual retreat held August 26-31 at the HMV Hall, Good Shepherd Convent in Quezon City.  The 55 sisters come from the different… More>>

441. My Significant Ministry Experience

  I am Sr. Mary Patricia Nyeinchan, a temporary professed sister from Myanmar. I came to the Philippines last April 10, 2019 to have my one year theology formation and international… More>>

440. Lest we forget...

  The RGS Provincialate community visited TFDP’s (Task Force Detainees of the Philippines) Museum of Courage and Resistance on July 23. Two of our sisters (+Sr Pilar Verzosa and Sr Zeny Pineda)… More>>

439. Grateful Fidelity of RGS Jubilarians 2019

  "GRATEFUL FIDELITY. You could have put together two nouns: gratitude and fidelity, but you chose to put an adjective and a noun together instead: GRATEFUL FIDELITY. The adjective “grateful”… More>>

438. 15 RGS apostolic sisters celebrate Jubilees

Fifteen Good Shepherd Sisters will celebrate their diamond, golden and silver jubilees on May 5, 2019 at the Good Shepherd Chapel in Quezon City. Theme of the celebration is, "Grateful Fidelity." Of the… More>>

437. International Women's Day 2019 at RGS Quezon City

Good Shepherd Sisters and lay mission partners joined the activities of International Women's Day today, March 8 at the Good Shepherd convent in Quezon City.  They are in solidarity with various… More>>

436. Art of Skilled Facilitation for Senior Sisters held

Good Shepherd Sisters from the different communities in the Philippines attended the Art of Skilled Facilitation last March 5-6 at the Heart of Mary Villa Hall in Quezon City. The two-day seminar-workshop… More>>

435. Buhing Yuta contemplative community in Butuan marks silver jubilee

The contemplative community in Butuan City marks on January 9, 2019 its silver jubilee. It was then Butuan Bp. Carmelo Morelos who requested for a presence of the contemplative sisters of the Good Shepherd… More>>

434. Pope Francis on World Day of Peace:
Good Politics is at the Service of Peace

  1. “Peace be to this house!” In sending his disciples forth on mission, Jesus told them: “Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace be to this house!’ And if a son… More>>

433. Campaign to end Violence Against Women and girls begins November 25

Good Shepherd Sisters, lay mission partners, students and residents of our various centers joined the worldwide campaign to end Violence Against Women and girls that start today, November 25. The celebration… More>>
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