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Shepherd’s Heart Café: Coffee for a Cause

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 23/09/2014

Doing something for a great cause has never been as endearing or as easy as having a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Indeed, that is an opportunity given to every customer who dines at Shepherd’s Heart Café in Cebu City. Every cup of coffee assists in the advocacy of helping women survivors of abuse claim their rights to a dignified future.

The humble café located right across the mammoth structure of the Heritage of Cebu Monument in Parian is a sustainable livelihood project initiative of Good Shepherd Welcome House ( through the efforts of United States Peace Corps volunteer Amelia Kent and Roy Adam, an Australian volunteer.

The café is aimed at empowering the beneficiaries of Good Shepherd Welcome House (GSWH) by giving them decent work opportunities as well as providing them with the necessary skills trainings. In this line, the venture goes beyond being an income generating project and ultimately becoming a training facility for GSWH clients. Truly, the reintegration process of center-based clients into a highly discriminating community has never been this exciting. 

The doors of Shepherd’s Heart Café initially opened last May 28, 2014. GSWH clients who underwent coffee-making and service trainings, among others, became key personalities in the day-to-day operations while Kent and Adam managed the café setup. Even while in soft operations, the café has received several positive ratings and endorsements from various guests including award-winning author Cecilia Manguerra Brainard and East West owner Hendri Go. As a matter of fact, the air-conditioning unit at the café is a donation made by Brainard following her conversations with Kent and Adam.

What makes a visit to Shepherd’s Heart Café special? In addition to getting their food cravings satisfied for a noble cause, customers are also supporting various local industries as they get to taste the delicious products our fellow Filipinos have to offer. In particular, the coffee beans support a group of Indigenous Filipinos in the Ifugao province, which is why the highlight of your gustatory visit to the café should be a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Also, we guarantee you’ve never tasted coffee this good at such an affordable price.

On the celebration of Mother Mary’s birthday, Shepherd’s Heart Café held its grand opening. The September 8, 2014 launch was attended by representatives of the Religious of the Good Shepherd community and other partner agencies of GSWH. The guests were treated to beverages and food products of their choice while they engaged in animated conversations as they lounged in the homey dining area. The cosy atmosphere is attributable to the pleasant service crew and the rattan-inspired interiors; where the latter is thanks to renowned local furniture designer Fernando Villarin’s ingenuity.


Today, Shepherd’s Heart Café is fully operational. All café responsibilities have been turned over to the GSWH beneficiaries. The menu offers a number of coffee choices, and an assortment of healthy grilled sandwiches, and several pastry options, among others. The café is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Inquiries, orders, and donations can be coursed through GSWH at (+63)(32)254-5598.