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Scholars’ Gathering in Celebration of SME’s 221st Birth Anniversary

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 24/08/2017

July 31st 2017 marked the 221st birthday of St Mary Euphrasia, our dear Mother Foundress. To celebrate this day, Good Shepherd Alumni Scholars were gathered with the aim to create and renew connections among each other and with Good Shepherd sisters. It was a way as well to keep alive the Good Shepherd spirit among our alumni scholars.

There were 54 alumni scholars who came. This includes benefeciaries of: SME Scholarship from: Sariaya, Bagong Silangan, Welcome House-Tahanan Community, Mountain Maid Training Center - Baguio, Damayan Community Center which used to be the outreach program of Heart of Mary Villa in Malabon; Maryridge Tulong Paaral, St Bridget College Student Assistance Program (including some from CCF); SBS Working Students and scholars from Bukid Kabataan sponsored by our partners from Fluor Daniel and AMEC.

We started with the Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Ron Bagley, CJM. It was Filipino Mission Sunday and Fr. Ron emphasized the importance of having a listening and understanding heart. He expounded how during the time of Saints John Eudes and Mary Euphrasia the heart is not just the seat of emotions but more importantly, it is the source of the will where important, wise and right decisions are made.

Lunch and fellowship followed. A fun game, “RGS bingo” gave the participants and the sisters opportunity to interact and recall some important details in St. Mary Euphrasia’s life as well. The highlight of the afternoon was the “kumustahan” (updating) and faith sharing. We ended with a tribute to SME where the scholars offered their prayers to God through the intercessions of SME keeping to heart the many concerns of our country and of the world.

It was indeed a joyful day of thanksgiving. In our post-celebration evaluation survey form, everyone agreed that it was a meaningful day that reminded them of how blessed and valued they are. Many are looking forward to the next reunion!

A short reflection from a Damayan scholar - Danica Rose Aquino

Having been invited to the first Good Shepherd Alumni Scholar's gathering was both a privilege and a blessing; not only was I able to spend time with my former co-scholars and Sr. Susan Montano, it also was an opportunity for me to meet and mingle with the other alumni, from other parts of the country, and reflect on how blessed we are by God's grace through the help of the Good Shepherd community.

As I had been too busy for work lately, the moment I found out I was invited for this particular gathering I said yes despite having only little amount of rest. I knew then that this is the Lord's way for me to have a whole day of giving thanks for all his blessings, and also to celebrate the birthday of St. Mary Euphrasia. Surely if there would be another alumni gathering next time, count me on my presence as part of it.