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Journeys of the Heart: Into the Deep…with Blessed Maria Droste

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 15/06/2021

The feast of Blessed Maria Droste last June 8, 2021 was a time to go into the deep again, both in terms of our chapter journey and also into the crisis the world is still facing at this moment, the pandemic and its consequences. In prayer, we held in our hearts and offered to the Divine Heart of God, fount of grace and mercy, our thanksgiving and supplications keeping in mind particular situations that cry for relief and end.  

Last February, the congregation launched the second phase of our chapter preparation journey heeding the call of the ICAs to go deeper into the journey of transformation. The first video sent by the Chapter Core Team (Sr Catherin Schneider, OSF, Donna Fyffe, Hilary Musgrave and Monica Brown) introduced us to the “integrative process of transformation” and the second video sent gave us tools that can help us respond to the call of the heart to radical transformation: “Heart Wisdom” and “Journey to the Heart”.

Both sisters and lay partners were encouraged to use these reflection processes that involve journaling and rituals. Our June 8 liturgy provided us a venue to share our encounter with God through these processes. Through individual or collaborative artworks we were able to express the journeys of our hearts.

As pointed out to us by the Chapter Core Team, the “centrality of the Heart” is one of the most striking aspects of our charism. From their writings and through the witness of their lives, St John Eudes, St Mary Euphrasia, Blessed Maria Droste and even Blessed Marie Therese de Soubiran, we have learnt of the richness of God’s great heart, the depths of His infinite mercy that can touch and transform the darkest and hardest of situations. 

With faith and hope, we entrust to our Shepherd’s Heart the people most suffering at the moment due to sickness, poverty, violence and death brought by the pandemic and political unrest and we also surrender to Him our own personal and communal blessings and struggles as sisters and lay partners journeying towards transformation.


Some photos of the prayer activity and the artworks of the communities: 




   Baguio Community



   CGS Tagaytay

   Naga Community    Provincialate Community - Grp A
         Provincialate Community - Grp B    Villa Maria Cebu Community 
   SBC Batangas Community     Artworks of Sisters (SBC Batangas)


   CGS Cebu Community    CGS Virac Community (sisters and lay partners in prayer)