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CLT's apostolic and contemplative councillors for the Philippines announced

Submitted by: regina
On: 12/12/2009

The Congregational Leadership Team (CLT) of Good Shepherd Sisters informed the Philippine Province  on December 11 that the apostolic and contemplative councillors have been named for the Philippines.

Photo. From left, Srs. Ma. Teresa Pomar, Rita Luis Lourenco, Anne Josephine Carr, Reina Escobar, Brigid Lawlor, Armelle Dehennault, Susan Chia, Jude Ellen Golumbieski and Eliene Barros. (Photo by MF Mestry)  

Sr. Brigid Lawlor RGS, congregational leader, wrote to Sr. Cecilia Torres RGS, province leader of the Philippines that the new councillors are: Sr. Susan Marie Chia RGS for the apostolic sisters and Sr. Jude Ellen Golumbieski CGS for the contemplatives.

During the 29th Congregational Chapter held from June 13-July 9, 2009 in Angers, France, the capitulants approved unanimously  the Integrated Constitutions of the sisters, and elected the Congregational Leadership Team now composed of the Congregational Leader and her apostolic and contemplative councils. They will serve in the CLT from 2009 to 2015.

Sr. Brigid will work with the Apostolic Councillors Srs. Armelle Dehennault (France/Belgium. Magyarorszag), Eliene Barros (Brazil, Southeast Latin America), Anne Josephine Carr (Great Britain) and Susan Marie Chia (Singapore/Malaysia). Sr. Brigid's Contemplative Councillors include Srs. Jude Ellen Golumbieski (Mid North America), Reina Escobar (Central America) and Ma. Teresa Pomar (Philippines).

Prior to her election as member of the Congregational Leadership Team, Sr. Ma. Teresa was a member of the Contemplative Council of the Province Leadership Team of the Philippines. She was elected during the 2008 Province Chapter held in Tagaytay City. The contemplatives of the Philippines elected recently Sr. Celeste Engutan CGS as member of the team.

In her letter, Sr. Brigid said that "because many units now have an apostolic and a contemplative councillor, we will no longer have both a link and an auxiliary councillor for each unit."

Sr. Cecilia and the Good Shepherd Sisters of the Philippine Province welcome Sr. Susan and Sr. Jude Ellen as the new apostolic and contemplative councillors for the Philippines. The Sisters also thank Sr. Elaine Basinger RGS (New York) and Sr. Eliene Barros RGS for the past six years that they served as link councillor and auxiliary link councillor, respectively. (RK)