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Mountain Maid Training Center-
Good Shepherd Baguio@67

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 06/11/2019


Mountain Maid Training celebrated its 67th year of foundation, November 11 (1952-2019).  Sixty seven years ago Bishop William Brasseur, CICM, DD, asked the Good Shepherd Sisters to do a "special ministry in the Cordilleras."    The mission to the Cordillera youth started as a boarding school for girls who needed protecton.  The High School closed in 1973, during the Martial Law years.


From a Rolling Store to a Social Enterprise

The sisters realized that they needed a stable source of income to feed, clothe, care and educate over 100 girls aged 3 to 18.  They realized they cannot rely on discarded vegetables from the market, on the charity of friends and benefactors to sustain the mission.  Sr. M. Carmel Medalla, RGS (RIP 2012) who taught Home Economics thought of making strawberry jam which was in abundance but perishable.  it was a "divine inspiration."  The sisters and students used recycled glass jars, sold the jam to friends and asked that the jars be returned for future use.  From the first product, strawberry jam,  the Mountain Maid Training Center now makes 60 products, including cookies and breads.


Fast Forward 1976

Sr. M. Fidelis Atienza, RGS who is now 101 years old, experimented in making ube jam after a friend suggested making ube haleya.  Tantamco is the original make of ube jam in Baguio.  Sr. Fidelis used only the best ingredients with no artificial color.  It became a "best seller."


By the 1980s and 1990s, the ube jam became so popular that long lines of customers and resellers waited for hours to get their ube jam.  Production could not cope with the demand.

A Case Study

In the jubilee year 2000, the Asian Institute of Management did a case study entitled " Inferior Resources, Superior Strategy in Helping the Poor."   Mountain Maid Training Center is considered a social enterprise, a business model benefiting the stakeholders - farmer producers, student workers, full time staff and customers giving them value for money for quality products.  In recent years, resellers, including those who sell on line, have outnumbered tourists who visit Good Shepherd Baguio to get their favorite pasalubong items.


Benefits from this social enterprise  given to the staff and student workers are over and above what is required by law,  e. g.  interest free housing loan,  subsidized lunch,  free merienda twice a day,  subsidized board and lodging for student workers,  free uniform,  free over the counter medicines,  Christmas and birthday gifts, twice a year bonus, educational assistance and loans, value formation during paid time. etc.


Enter White Ube Jam

There is purple ube  and there is white ube.  Mr. Denis Wanas, a Food Technology scholar of Mountain Maid did his thesis on white ube jam,  white ube tarts and white ube pastillas.  There is white coffee, white chocolate, so, why not white ube jam?  Mountain Maid started producing white ube jam in November 2018.  Last August, 2019, purple ube jam became scarce and only white ube was available.  The  white ube jam went viral on social media.


Mission to the Cordillera Youth


As Mountain Maid Training Center marks its 67th year, we give thanks to God and to those who support its mission.  The Training Center accepts to its student-workers'  program youth from the Cordilleras:  - Abra, Benguet, Mt. Province, Ifugao, Kalinga and Apayao.


"You help send us through college each time you buy our products."  Cordillera Youth.


 - Sr. M. Guadalupe Bautista RGS