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"I Am Your Loving Shepherd"

Submitted by: regina
On: 01/05/2010

On April 25, 2010, Good Shepherd Sisters, apostolic and contemplative, celebrated with the whole Church Good Shepherd Sunday. 

The Eucharistic Celebration at 1043 Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City  was made even more festive by the presence of Good Shepherd Sisters from different communities who gathered the previous day, April 24 for the feast of St. Mary Euphrasia, foundress of the congregation. 

On SME's feast, the Philippine Province marked the Golden Jubilee of Entrance to Religious Life of 10 sisters, the perpetual profession of four temporary professed sisters, the acceptance of a pre-novice to the Nonvitiate. That same day, too, the list of Mission Assignments of sisters in the Philippine Province was released.

The Golden Jubliarians include: Sr. M. Zita Alcazar CGS, (Batangas)  Sr. M. Stephen Betia (Negros), Sr. M. Vincent Borromeo (Cebu), Sr. M. Carmela Cruz (Malabon), Sr. M. Socorro Galvez CGS (Batangas), Sr. Mary Assumpta Lim (Cagayan de Oro), Sr. M. Fe Mendoza (Cebu) , Sr. M, Soledad Perpinan (Manila), Sr. M. Frances Therese Sunga (Pampanga) and Sr. M. Aida Violago (Nueva Ecija). Two of the 10 apostolic sisters transferred to the contemplatives in 1978 and 1981, they are Sr. Socorro and Sr. Zita.

Those who pronounced their final vows include: Sr. Angelita Clemen (Iligan), Sr. Leah Ann Espina (Iloilo), Sr. Loreen Granada (Majayjay, Laguna) and Diana Madulara (Iligan). 

I Am Your Loving Shepher

Sr. M. Mendoza RGS   Sr. M. Pia del Rosario RGS

//I am your loving Shepherd (2 times)
(3 measures rest)

I hear you when you call me
For I know your soulful voices.

How I know your deepest strivings,

I know each dear Lamb!
All your cares do not escape me,
I shall rescue you from danger,
And for the sheep I cherish,
I have given my life.
I am your loving Shepherd,
Your Good Shepherd (2 measures rest)
//I am your loving Shepherd (2 times)

From left, Sr. M. Pia and Sr. M. Fe, composers of "I Am Your Loving Shepherd."
The prenovice, Theresa Garcia, was accepted to the Novitiate and she now takes the religious name of Sr. Miriam Theresa Garcia.

During Good Shepherd Sunday's celebration, those present also prayed for vocations to the Church as the day was also called World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Pope Benedict XVI wrote for the occasion a message with the theme, "Witness Awakens Vocations."  The homily and reflection centered on witnessing the life of the Shepherd.

What many Sisters found very touching was the singing of "I Am Your Loving Shepherd," written by Sr. M. Fe Mendoza RGS and set to music by Sr. Pia de Rosario RGS who were both present during the Good Shepherd Sunday Mass. It was Sr. Pia herself  who played the music. Sr. Fe, one of the 10 Jubilarians, said she wrote the song when she was still a junior sisters in the 1960s.

The festive mood of celebration continues as the congregation reflects on the beautiful readings on the Good Shepherd and as the 70th anniversary of Canonization on May 2 of St. Mary Euphrasia approaches. It was on May 2, 1940 that Sr. Mary of St. Euphrasia was declared Saint by Pope Pius XII. The canonization rites were held at St. Peter's Basilica attended by Good Shepherd Sisters and friends from various countries.



1. nenetrgs

Dear sisters,

Wow, what can I say! Congratulations first to 10 juilarians, 4 who commited themselves forever to God thru our congregation. Not forgetting Theresa Garcia, sorry i was out for 7 years (so I have no idea if I know you). I just wish you "welcome" to GS family.

This article helped me so much to look back of the province where I came from. When you are out of the country, and you feel homesick everytime a congregational celebration is being celebrated, because what you are used to are not available in the mission country where you are. Celebration like this brought me back home. Looking at the photos connected me once again, as if I never left home.

Thank you very much sisters for keeping us updated. How lucky I am, even though I am miles away I read news, and that helped me in always in touched with the province.

How lucky we are GS from our province to follow the movements of our porvince.


2. Dona Mendoza

The first time I saw Sr. Pia del Rosario was in SBC Batangas City's 'Bulak Night'... She played the Bridgetine Song on the keyboards and I was so impressed! Gee, the nun was playing the instrument and she's a pro! Sr. Pia taught me songs like 'Pagsibol' and 'Tinapay ng Buhay'. I'd like to thank her for inspiring me to praise God through music.

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