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"I myself will shepherd my sheep: A Journey Through Scripture" scheduled November 18
as part of NCR Regional Celebrations

Submitted by: regina
On: 16/11/2011

"I myself will shepherd my sheep: A Journey Through Scripture" is scheduled November 18, 2-5 p.m. at the Rosary Hall of Good Shepherd Convent.

Sr. Helen Graham of the Maryknoll Missionaries is the speaker during the activity that will be held as part of the Regional Celebrations of NCR (National Capital Region) in preparation for the 2012 Centennial.

Sr. Helen is a professor of Scripture at the Institute of Formation and Religious Studies (IFRS) and the Maryhill School of Theology (MST). The theme of the talk is based on the texts from the Book of the prophet Ezekiel (Ch 34).

Since September 8, Good Shepherd Communities in NCR have been welcoming the Centennial Staff that will visit the different regions in the country. The journey of the staff began on July 31, 2011 with SBC Batangas as the first region to hold the Regional Celebrations. The first Irish Good Shepherd Sisters came to the Philippines in 1912 to open a foundation in Batangas.

In the NCR, the Centennial staff has journeyed to Euphrasian Community, Heart of Mary Villa, St. Bridget School- Quezon City, the formation houses, Good Shepherd Community, Welcome House/Malate, Tahanan and is currently at the Provincialate.

Photo: Sr. Helen Graham MM (right)

The provincialate community who organized the talk has invited Good Shepherd Sisters and mission partners in NCR and other communities.

Photo: The Centennial Shepherd Staff at the Christine Hall of the Provincialate (left)

On November 20, the Centennial Staff will be brought to Cebu for the Regional Centennial Celebrations in the Visayas.

It was on October 4, 1912 that the first Irish Missionaries arrived in the Philippines to start a foundation Batangas that offers a catholic education-- St. Bridget Academy now St. Bridget College in Batangas and SBC Alitagtag.

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