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Good Shepherd Baguio Online Shop launched

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 08/06/2020

The Good Shepherd Baguio Online Shop was launched on Sunday, June 7, 2020, and today, June 8, the feast of Blessed Maria Droste, the office in Quezon City was blessed. The  online shop may be visited in Facebook.

Good Shepherd Baguio Online Shop (Open with Facebook)

Our Story


“You help send us to college each time you buy our products”.  You find this tag in every bottle of  Mt. Maid-Good Shepherd Baguio  products.

Blessing of the Office of Good Shepherd Baguio Online Shop on June 8, in Quezon City.

The Good Shepherd

From left, Sr. Gemma, Sr. Susan, Sr. Amy

Sr. Gemma blesses the office, the sisters and the young ladies.

Sr. Cielo, Sr. Susan, Sr. Gemma, Ms. Julina Tay-eo, Ms. Aldra Pindog, Ms. Leonila Yagyagan, Sr. Amy

Sr. Regina, Sr. Susan, Sr. Gemma, Ms. Julina Tay-eo, Ms. Aldra Pindog, Ms. Leonila Yagyagan, Sr. Amy
The social enterprise of Mountain Maid Training & Development Foundation, Inc.  supports the  college education of Cordillera youth from the six  tribes of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)  -Abra, Benguet, Mt. Province, Ifugao, Kalinga and Apayao.  It partners with  strawberries farmers in Benguet and Mt. Province.  It  supports  ube  and  peanut  farmers from  Ilocos Sur , La Union, Benguet, Nueva Vizcaya,  Quezon, Aurora, Quirino and Isabela.  


Covid-19 pandemic poses a big challenge to our  social enterprise.  Restrictions for tourists to travel to Baguio and the closure of enterprises meant  the students from the Cordillera cannot work at the Mountain Maid Training Center and earn their way to college.

For several months during the lockdown about 29 students were at the Good Shepherd Convent in Baguio, even if there was no production.

Good Shepherd Sisters have to think of  an alternative to bring its products to the Customers through Digital Marketing.

Sr. Guadalupe Bautista RGS, product developer of Good Shepherd products in Baguio said, "For as long  as there is no vaccine for the current  epidemic, the less human contact there is,  the better for the common good.  Good Shepherd Baguio products will be sold on line. 

Challenges Before Covid-19

1990  Killer Earthquake

The July 16, 1990 earthquake that devasted Baguio destroyed the infrastructure of Mt. Maid Training Center.   It took seven (7)  years  of hard work, innovation  and dedication  of its stakeholders   to fully recover from the ruins and the rubble.  It was after the earthquake that the Center accepted young men from the Cordillera in the  Training Center.    It also made a decision that Cordillera Youth   were the priority  in its student-workers program.  

2004 Meningo Cocima Epidemic

From October 2004 to May 2005, tourists shunned Baguio and its produce due to the miningo cocima epidemic in the city.  How did Mt. Maid Training Center survive?  It continued to provide employment to the students.  It marketed its products through the network of Good Shepherd communities in Metro Manila.  Thanks to loyal customers, no staff was laid off and the students continued their studies.

Good Shepherd Sisters, celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Sr. Michelle Gamboa RGS at the Good Shepherd Chapel in Baguio City. Presider is Fr. Buboy Jimenez SVD.K-12 Program of DepEducation 

From 2016 to 2018, there was a two- year gap in accepting new working students.   Annually, Mt. Maid Training Center accepts one hundred (100) new applicants.   

Climate Change

Due to global warming, farmers suffer from floods, typhoons, landslides, droughts,  low productivity.    Typhoons Lando and Lawin devastated strawberry fields In Benguet.   The situation gets worse, not better every  year.

Supply and Demand Challenge

Sr. Michelle Gamboa RGS with the Good Shepherd Sistes and staff during her Diamond Jubilee. Presider was Fr. Buboy Jimenez SVD.The demand for Mt. Maid-Good Shepherd products grew exponentially that  management decided to go semi-mechanized in 2010.    This enabled the students to better  balance time for work and time for study.  The changes  introduced were:   from boiling ube in pots to cooking ube in pressure cooker using steam for energy;  from manual  to mechanized mixing and cooking;  from manual filling to mechanized filling.   Ube jam is  pasteurized to keep  the integrity and quality of the product for as long as it is chilled.  Di dapat mainitan ang ube jam.  Dapat naka refrigerate.  

The Good Shepherd Sisters are grateful to those who support our programs and patronize our products.