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Apostolic and Contemplative Good Shepherd Sisters from RP attend Session in Angers, France on “Discovering our History”

Submitted by: regina
On: 20/07/2010

Sr. Lourdes Fabia RGS Sr. Celeste Engutan CGS

Sr. Lourdes Fabia RGS and Sr. Celeste Engutan CGS from the Good Shepherd Philippine Province are participating in the session on “Discovering our History” being held at the Mother House in Angers, France.

The session, which began on July 16 and will conclude on August 6, is part of the RGS-OLC Journey of Enrichment and was a recommendation of the Process Planning Committee (PPC).  


Sr. Odile Laugier RGS of the Province of Belgium/France/Magyarorszag and former coordinator of the Spirituality Center, and Sr. Marie Fancoise Le Brizault OLC, former superior general of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity, will give talks during the session. Both are members of the Committee on History and Spiritually established in 2009 by the PPC. (Read more)


The goal of the session is to improve the knowledge of sisters about the two congregations: Our Lady of Charity and Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd.


The workshop will be conducted in three parts: 1) Our Lady of Charity with its beginning in the 17th Century; 2) Good Shepherd in the 19th Century France; and 3) the changes in society and the Church from Vatican II to the present and the response of both congregations.


During the 2009 Congregational Chapter, there was a suggestion that both congregations study the history of the OLC and RGS which will help Sisters in the discernment of whether the congregations should go for union, fusion or reunion. This aims to enrich both congregations for mission.


Sr. Cecilia Torres RGS, province leader, on behalf of the Good Shepherd Sisters in the Philippine Province, sent a message to the participants assuring them of prayers during the session. A total of 121 participants, including Good Shepherd Sisters active and contemplative, OLCs and mission partners are attending.

Photo: Process Planning Committee, fourth from left is Sr. Elena Jalop CGS

After the session, the delegates are expected to share the information and enriching experiences to Sisters and mission partners in their respective units.

Other Filipina sisters in the session are Srs. Tarcila Abano of the Spirituality Center and Sr. Elena Jalop CGS, a contemplative missioned in Innsbruck, Austria, and a member of the PPC. In an email, Sr. Elena said that she has also been asked to be the communications person of the PPC.


Photos on the Gallery of Angers session were sent by Sr. Ellen Jalop CGS: View Here