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Two In One

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 31/07/2014

Before July 12, Sister Mary Marcelline Riosa reached the wisdom age of 80 years old.  Her former little St. Domitilla girls wanted to fete their loved group mother who had given the best years of her life caring for them.  But no, Sister Marcelline would have nothing of this unless someone celebrates it with her.  And so, Sister Regina Kuizon, the newly elected Province Leader was asked to have another celebration of her birthday (July 5) for she was away in Mindanao at that time.

This joint celebration took place at the Euphrasian Community (EC).  The party was sponsored by former Domitillan Emily J. Villacorta and her co-Domitillans also came to celebrate their golden jubilee at the same time.  It turned out to be a  “3 in 1” celebration instead.  The lunch was superbly catered , all guests were seated in round tables occupying all the rooms available in EC.  After lunch, a program was prepared for the honorees:  Sisters Marcelline and Regina.   A made shift stage was prepared in the lobby fronting the EC Pavilion and there Emilly Villacorta and Bernardo Bernardo performed – truly a handsome pair!  The following was their Repertoire:

  •           Duet -  Sing
  •           EJ - Glory of Love
  •           BB - Smile
  •           Duet - Sari-Saring Babae
  •           EJ - Balut
  •           BB - Hanggang
  •           Duet - Minsan Ay Minahal ay Ako
  •           EJ - I’m a Middle-Aged Woman
  •           Duet -  I Remember It Well New
  •           BB - For Once In My Life
  •           Duet - How Do You Keep the Music Playing
  •           Duet - Our Father/I Believe

Bernardo Bernardo is a celebrity in the entertainment world and EJ Villacorta used to be a member of Repertory Philippines in her younger years.  It was truly entertaining and the audience was very generous with their appreciative applause.  All too soon it was over, but not leaving without partaking merienda – cakes galore and ice cream!   And of course, it is something not to be missed -  picture taking for posterity!