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Day 5: Election of Province leader

Submitted by: regina
On: 21/03/2014

“Through us, we will know the heart of God in the choice of our province leader.”

The day for the election  started with a dialogue with the sisters nominated.  In contrast with yesterday which was a time for communion with God in silence, today the delegates were given the time to engage in sacred conversation with the nominees in the context of sacred space.  This was an opportunity to ask the nominees questions as part of the process of discernment.  Sr. Guadalupe told the capitulars to allow themselves to be surprised by the Spirit.

The election was held in the afternoon presided by Sr. Brigid Lawlor, Congregational Leader.  She emphasized that this was not a political time but a sacred time that required silence.  The ballots were cast after the roll call of capitulars. Sr. M. Regina Kuizon was elected provincial.  Great joy filled the chapter hall and the sisters excitedly shared the good news. 

As part of the preparation for the election of councillors the following day, Sr. Brigid clarified their role of assisting the province leader.  Sr. Cecilia and  the members of her council both apostolic and contemplative, then shared on their experiences.  It was an experience of sacred space as they shared their struggles, learnings and joys for the past years of assuming their role. 

The day ended with a mass presided by Fr. Antonio Pernia, SVD.  He invited the group to bless Sr. Regina at the end of the mass as he read the prayer of St. Paul.

- Sr. M. Teresita Figueroa

AM. Conversation with Sr. Alicia

AM. Conversation with Sr. Ananita

AM. Conversation with Sr. Corazon

AM. Conversation with Sr. Regina

PM. Congratulations!