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10 Filipina Good Shepherd Sisters celebrate Golden Jubilee on April 24

Submitted by: regina
On: 20/04/2010

Ten Filipina Good Shepherd Sisters who will celebrate their Golden Jubilee on April 24 are in Maryridge, Tagaytay City for a retreat facilitated by Bishop Luis Antonio "Chito" Tagle of the Diocese of Imus.

The Golden Jubilarians, eight apostolic sisters and two contemplatives include: Sr. M. Zita Alcazar CGS, Sr. M. Stephen Betia, Sr. M. Vincent Borromeo, Sr. M. Carmela Cruz, Sr. M. Socorro Galvez CGS, Sr. Mary Assumpta Lim, Sr. M. Fe Mendoza, Sr. M, Soledad Perpinan, Sr. M. Frances Therese Sunga and Sr. M. Aida Violago.

The retreat began on April 14 and will conclude on April 22.

The group will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Entrance into Religious Life during a Mass at the Good Shepherd Convent in Quezon City on April 24 at 8:30 a.m. His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, archbishop of Manila, will preside the concelebrated Mass. Fr. Ramon L. Bautista SJ will be the homilist.

April 24 is celebrated as the feast  of St. Mary Euphrasia, foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters.

The nine Golden Jubilarians had their ceremony of Clothing on April 24, 1960 at the Good Shepherd Convent in Los Angeles, California while one, Sr. Carmela Cruz, had hers on September 8, 1960. At that time the Philippines was under the Los Angeles province, and postulancy and novitiate were held in the United States.

It was on December 3, 1960 that the Philippines was created a province.


Novices, Directress and Postulants (seated) in Los Angeles. The postulants are this year's Golden Jubilarians.

Into a great tree

It was December 3rd 1960, feast of St. Francis Xavier, Patron of the Missions. In the community room of our Quezon City convent, the sisters listened in hushed expectancy as our dear Mother Provincial, Mother Mary of St. John of the Cross, began to make an announcement. Then the words were out, greeted with jubilation by everyone present: “The Philippines has been made a province and Quezon City, is the Provincial House. We are going to have a Novitiate here.”

It was indeed wonderful news to the Sisters, some of whom had been in this faraway Philippine mission since its earlier days. For thirty three years, the only two houses in the country, that of Batangas founded in 1912, and that of Manila, founded in 1921, were directly under the Motherhouse. Then in 1945, Los Angeles, California, was crated a mission province and the Philippines and Shanghai were placed under its jurisdiction.

There was a babble of happy voices as questions poured out after Mother Provincial’s announcement. But foremost of course was, “What about Los Angeles? A sigh of relief escaped from everyone at Mother’s assurance that Los Angeles would remain in the province, and that its novitiate would continue to be a training ground for foreign mission vocations. For a double bond of deep affection and great gratitude has existed between the former Provincial House and all the Houses in the Philippines and Hong Kong since 1945.

Now fifteen years later, as a new provincial house is born, the rapid growth and development of Good Shepherd work in the Philippines reminds us forcefully of Our Lord’s parable about the “great tree, sheltering many birds in its branches” that had sprung from a little mustard seed.

(Taken from “Into a Great Tree” article published in “The Good Shepherd of Angers” Quarterly Bulletin No. 1- 1962. 66th Year.)



1. sR aIDA,

2. Carmen Jakobs

To: Sister Vincent Borromeo – Urgent

From: Carmen Jakobs, Hamburg, Germany

Dear Vincent,

my heartfelt congratulations to your Golden Jubilee today! This day means a lot to you, and I so wish I could have participated in Mass this morning and celebrated the day with you. It must have been very festive, with the Cardinal and so many sisters.

I saw the picture of you and the group in the Internet. You look unchanged and energetic as ever, and I do hope that you are in as good health as it looks. I also looked at the picture from 1960, but I could not find you. I read that you had a retreat in Tagaytay, which I hope you enjoyed.

Dear friend, I know who you missed most today. But I trust that it was an uplifting and inspiring day for you. You did a lot of wonderful things in these 50 years, and you can be proud of yourself.

Love and prayers,

Your old friend Carmen

3. Sr. Socorro Galvez

Dear Tita Madre,

Congratulations to you on your Golden Jubilee. I saw the photos and I wish we were able to attend and celebrate this special day with you. I hope Tito Father did a good job. We had fun together here in San Francisco. I hoped he shared our photos with you. I saw your photo and look great!

We are all so very proud of you!

Carol, Cathy, Lauren, Dylan, Skip, Jeffrey and Jessica

4. Miraim( Bastian) Tollet

50 years on, my mentors are going strong!Its a wonderful feeling to know your values and teachings have strongly influenced my everyday life for the better. For that I am forever grateful. Sr. Soccoro, who's name I remember the most,thank you.