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Sr. Marcia's Life as Good Shepherd Sister : A life lived for others




Mass of the Resurrection- August 27, 2011

A Tribute to Sr. Marcia
By Dr. Nelie Antigua

Message of Thanksgiving
By Mrs. Ena Krijger

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A Thanksgiving
By Sr. Fe Mendoza RGS


"The only life worth living is a life lived for others." - Albert Schweitzer

By Sr. M. Marcia Y. Antigua RGS

A vocation story is not easy to tell, it is something like a hazy spell and one can’t tell when it started or ended.  All I can think of is the idealism woven into the family fabric, the people significant in one’s upbringing, who influenced and shaped one’s ideals and values.The influence also from readings and life’s example of  friends and relatives.  Early in life I read about saints and heroes, one such reading which has stuck in my mind is Albert Schweitzer’s words about his life in Africa  -  “The only life worth living is a life lived for others.”  So who could be the best example if not Jesus.



My visits to the RGS Convent started when. Sr. M. Francis asked me to follow up the sweepstakes fund.  Then she invited me each Sunday, asked me to follow up another lady in Central Bank – Rose Tapia.  So we were bonded for that Sunday session with Sr. Christine Tan.  During one session, she asked the group –“ Who among you could make a good housewife?”  Rose and I put up our hands.  “Who of you could make a good mother?”  Again Rose and I put up our hands.  “Who of you can make a good home or make a husband happy?”  I whispered to Rose, “That is easy.”  We shot up our hands.  Surprisingly we were the only ones putting up our hands and we felt out of place.  But Tina threw a ‘bombshell.’  She said ,” The two of you, Miss Antigua and Miss Tapia can begin your aspirantship in Baguio since you are very normal while the rest of you  (16 others) are potential old maids.”  So there, the two of us were like “crazy women” as our officemates called us, rushing around to close up our desks and prepare papers.  It was a risk we enjoyed.  Not long afterwards the two of us were in Baguio.  Rose with her dozen pairs of shoes, matching sweaters and me with my aunt’s (Mrs. Garcia who was First Lady then) coat and sweater, sweeping the hillsides of Baguio.  So that was the beginning and we persevered.  We were sent to L.A. in 1962 and made our first vows in 1965.  There were 10 of us, 8 Americans but only the two of us made it to first vows wearing a bridal gown with black boy’s shoes!



“And she shall live in the house of the Lord forever.”

                                                            Psalm 23


               SR. MARY MARCIA Y. ANTIGUA, RGS

       (Anunciacion Ycong Antigua of Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu)

                                    March 25, 1928 –August 22, 2011

On August 22, 2011, Queenship of Mary, our dear Sr. Marcia
peacefully joined Jesus, the Good Shepherd, after 49 years in religious life.


The Religious of the Good Shepherd, apostolic and contemplative,
her bereaved family and relatives are grateful for your prayerful remembrances.


The wake is at the Good Shepherd Convent Chapel, Banawa Hills, Cebu City

Masses at 8 p.m., August 23-26, 2011.
Mass of the Resurrection is at 9 a.m. on Saturday, August 27, 2011
followed by interment at the Queen City Memorial Gardens, Cebu City.