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Mass of the Resurrection - August 27, 2011


in Celebration of Sr. Mary Marcia Antigua’s Entrance into Eternal Life

August 27, 2011




Good morning!  And welcome to this Mass of the Resurrection in celebration of Sr. Mary Marcia Antigua’s entrance into eternal life!  Our Mass Presider is Fr. Ben Trazo and concelebrating with him at the altar are Fr. John Iacono and Rev. Deacon Francis Sarita.


 This morning, Sr. Marcia has gathered us together in this Eucharistic celebration because she wants us to celebrate with her, her entrance into eternal life.


At the heart of this celebration is our belief that Jesus died, rose again and lives forever.  And we are certain that, with him, Sr. Marcia has passed from death to life.  This mystery of our faith is symbolized by the Paschal Candle.  We are inviting Sr. Marcia’s niece, Mrs. Antonette Tumulak,  to light it.


( The Paschal Candle is lighted while music is played -  OGS 205 ).


In Baptism, Sr. Marcia was initiated into Jesus’ dying and rising in order to give us life.  We shall now drape her casket with white linen, symbol of the baptismal dress that she wore as a child and whose meaning she tried her best to live until the end when it would then become her dress for the Eternal Banquet. For this, we are inviting Sr. Marcia’s youngest sister, Gemma, and her brother-in-law, Vic Karganilla, Sr. Cecilia Torres and Sr.  Milagros Santos.


( Those invited approach carrying the white cloth while music is played – OGS 618)


At her daily Eucharist, and more so as it became increasingly difficult for her to walk to the place of celebration, Sr. Marcia took strength in the memory of Jesus’ words:  “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood will have life everlasting.”


Please stand and let us sing of God’s promise for Sr. Marcia and for each one of us.


The Eucharistic celebration then followed.


The First Reading was done by her niece, Mrs. Ena K. Krijger.

Sr. Ronafel de Leon sang the Responsorial Psalm.

The Gospel was proclaimed by Rev. Francis Sarita.

Her nephew, Mr. Arnaldo (Dino) Karganilla, led the Intercessory Prayers.

The Offertory Gifts were brought by Ena and Dino.

Before the Post-Communion Prayer, the following took place:


§  Dr. Nelie Antigua, her sister-in-law, read a tribute from her son, Michael, addressed not only to Sr. Marcia but also to Sr. Immaculata, Sr. Estelle and Sr. Tomasita.

§  A word of thanks from the Antigua family given by Ena, delegated by Sr. Tomasita.

§  A word of thanks from her religious family, the Good Shepherd Sisters, by Sr. Fe Mendoza.


   The Final Rites then followed at which Fr. John led the prayers and Fr. Ben did

   the Final Blessing.  After the family, the RGS and a  long line of others blessed

   the body of Sr. Marcia, the Eucharistic celebration was concluded.


   A large crowd, principally the children of Sr. Marcia, accompanied her to her

   final resting place at the Queen City Memorial Gardens, right next to her sister,

   by blood and by consecration, Sr. Immaculata.


   May they rest in peace.