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A Tribute To Sister Sol

By Sr. Lulu Fabia RGS

These past we few days we had time and occasion to share many fond memories about Sol.  But our Province Leader and her community, the Good Shepherd Community would kike a collective tribute to her-- where together, we remember and give thanks as we prepare to celebrate this Eucharist with Sol still in our midst. So let us listen to our own Good Shepherd Sisters who cannot be here with us physically but do "remember and give thanks."

Sr. Brigid Lawlor, congregational leader: "Another incredibly gifted woman gone to God!"

Good Shepherd Asia-Pacific Justice Peace Network:

“ The Just lives forever”

The GS Asia-Pacific Justice & Peace Core Team and Network and the GS Asia-Pacific Partnership Team expresses its deep condolences and sense of loss over the demise of Sr. Soledad Perpinan last July 26, 2011.

We gratefully affirm how Sr. Soledad has lived her zeal and passion for serving and advocating for marginalized and exploited Women and children and working for Justice and Peace initiatives in the Philippines, in Asia-Pacific and the Global community.

We continue to traverse the same path that has been started by Good Shepherd Sisters like Sr. Soledad and the others as we cross and transcend boundaries in living the Good Shepherd Mission today in Asia-Pacific and the world.

We shall accompany Sr. Soledad with our fervent prayers as she journeys home to the eternal embrace of Jesus, Our Good Shepherd.

From GS Asia-Pacific Justice & Peace Core Team and Network (Maria Rose Chinnappan, Joan Marie Lopez, Maureen Catabian, Ms. Gloria Bon, Sutisa Utalun, Niluka Pereira, Ms. Michaela Guthridge, Julia Queck)

 & GS Asia-Pacific Partnership Team/Formation Team - Pamela Molony, Noelene White, Ms. Theresa Symons, Teresita Figueroa & Mr. Andrea Curreri (MDO)  

Sister Clare Nolan, UN-New York

Yes, we thank God for our sister and friend. NIMPY to the Perpiñan family, daughter of Papa Jesus and Mama Soledad, big sister to Aida, Lucille, Vilma, Edna and Joey. A friend, advocate and protector of the exploited women and children at risk. Co-worker for justice, peace and integrity of creation. A Good Shepherd Sister, faithful daughter of our father, Sr. John Eudes, and Mother Foundress St. Mary Euphrasia. In her vocatin sotry, she wrote touchingly: "Zeal and zest have filled my cup. But in the overflow  I have experienced drasting emptying." Sol, in  her human frailty and weakness, but graced by God and greatly loved by Jesus, our Good Shepherd, was able to live with passion and compassion her 51 years of Good Shepherd religiouslife. "For the glory of God and the salvation of persons!"


July 29, 2011