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Thank You Message of Sr. Mai and Sr. Hoa

By Sr. M Nguyen Thi Bach Mai and Sr. M. Teresa Chu thi Nguyet Hoa

This is the English version of our thanksgiving, the same message as what Mai had spoken in Japanese.

Most Reverend Bishop Sakai…thank you for coming to celebrate the Mass on the Profession of our Perpetual vows. Thank you also Fathers who con-celebrated the Mass with Bishop Sakai and for all here present on this special occasion. Mai and I are very grateful to all of you.

When Mai and I first came here in Toyonaka Convent of The Good Shepherd Sisters, we did not know anything about Japan, but, we came as we felt God’s call to become a religious nun. The Good Shepherd Sisters received us. They were always kind and warm to us. We felt their love for us. We are very grateful for this experience.

We also met many priests and we specially thank our spiritual directors- Fr. (Totsuka) Yamauchi, Fr. (Sin) Takayama.

Our special thanks to Sr. Goretti, from the Good Shepherd Sisters-Vietnam, who tried her best to be here today. She was the one who introduced us to the Good Shepherd Sisters-Japan, and she helped us in coming here. Thank you very much Sr. Goretti. We are very happy you came for this occasion.

I thank God for making it possible for my family to be here today. Phuc my father, Ky my brother and Truc my niece who are from Vietnam. We also want to thank our families in Vietnam who are not present with us today, especially for the family of Mai. Deep in our hearts we know they are united with us in prayer.

As you know, this Perpetual Profession is the first, after the unification of the Philippines-Japan province. Sr. Regina Kuizon, our Province Leader, together with the members of the Province Leadership team; Sr. Ananita Borbon, Sr. Carmelita Arenas, Sr. Ronafel de Leon are here on this significant event. Thank you very much Sisters for coming all the way from the Philippines to be with us today. Mai and I are very grateful for your presence.

Our special thanks to Sr. Emma Marzan, our formator, who came 3 weeks ago from the Philippines, to guide us in preparing ourselves for our Perpetual vows.

Since we came to Japan, we are happy to meet many friends. We are grateful for all of you who support us. 

We are especially grateful to our Sisters in Toyonaka, Sendai and Enzan communities who nurtured us in our our vocation and journeyed with us throughout our formation.

Our hearts are deeply touched by God’s faithfulness in Psalm 118:1:

 “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love is everlasting.”

Trusting in God’s merciful love, we are happy to make our perpetual profession of vows.  Full of joy, we thank all of you for your presence and we continue to ask you to support and accompany us with your prayers so that we will remain faithful in our covenant with God and to the Congregation as Good Shepherd Sisters throughout our life.

Most Reverend Bishop Sakai, Dear Fathers, Friends and Good Shepherd Sisters, we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you all.

Again, thank you very much.