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Pamayanan Ng Mabuting Pastol


(PMP or Community of the Good Shepherd, was formed on March 25, 1997, feast of the Annunciation-Incarnation and the 394th Anniversary of foundation of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary CJM by St. John Eudes)

    A confluence of streams led to the birth of this community aptly named and described by the six original members and their RGS-CGS co-formators as a “Community of the Good Shepherd being formed by St. John Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia.” These include –an experience of and participation in healing and renewal ministry of the RGS and their community’s sharing sessions and recollections with the CGS. A member’s dream while she was experiencing a crisis situation, of a kind-looking man who assured her, “Do not be afraid, I will help you, I am John Eudes.” All the members and their families continue to experience the caring presence of SJE and SME in their lives.
    They do not live together now, as they used to, in a community house. They experience a new form of community and evangelical life and communion according to Pope John Paul II’s Vita Consecrata—a community made up “of men and women; of clerics and lay; married and celibates (including widows) who are bonded by the same spirit” and mission of the Good Shepherd. They journey towards the same goal of renewal and integral transformation. The community members, those who have made initial and final commitment in community, as well as a greater number of “co- journeyers” facilitate and provide facilities for retreats and recollections, group processes and seminar workshops. guidance, counseling and therapy for individuals and various groups of students, teachers, catechists, pastoral workers, youth.
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