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Message of Thanksgiving

Message of Thanksgiving
Sr. M. Cecilia Torres RGS
Province Leader, Religious of the Good Shepherd


“All through these years I have been buoyed up by God’s ever faithful love manifested by the rich array of people and events that have made my life so colorful.”

These are the words of Sr.  Mary Soledad Perpiñan RGS,  when she reflected  on and wrote several years ago about her life as a Religious of the Good Shepherd.

We, gathered  here this afternoon to pay tribute to Sr. Mary Soledad Perpiñan, are a part of the rich array of people in the life of our dear Sr. Sol. We met her at various significant events in the family, in our congregation- the Religious of the Good Shepherd, in the centers, organizations and foundations that she started, in the Church, in our country and in international meetings she attended to give voice to the voiceless, especially women and children.

For 51 years, since she was accepted as a Novice of the Religious of the Good Shepherd in Los Angeles and until her death last July 26, Sr. Sol gave her best in the service of the Good Shepherd and in loving those who are marginalized.

This afternoon, I would like to thank all of you who are here, those who are not here but came during her wake and those whose lives touched hers and made her say “you made my life so colorful.”

Indeed we made her life colorful. And she made ours colorful, too. Each one of us has her own story with Sr. Sol.

I would like to thank the members of her family- Ms. Aida Cecilia NDV (Mother of Life), Sr. Mary Lucilla of Jesus SPC, Jose Miguel, Celine and children, her sisters Vilma and Edna and their families, relatives and friends.

The Board Members, benefactors of TW-MAE-W,  Third World Movement Against the Exploitation of Women,  for their  friendship and for their  generosity in sharing their resources in the implementation of Good Shepherd mission. The staff and girls who were with her at TW-MAE-W.

The staff of IBON International, an organization that she co-founded. Friends and priests especially those who are here this afternoon.

The various Good Shepherd Communities in the country where she was a member, and in the different countries that welcomed her when she would visit when she was there for international gatherings. I would like to thank, in particular, the sisters, staff, doctors and caregivers of Good Shepherd  Community - Maria Droste Infirmary.

Several months ago, during our session,” Gathering the Hundredfold,” in preparation for our 2012 Centennial, though confined to her wheelchair and debilitated by her advanced rheumatoid arthritis, Sr. Sol, suggested several activities that would enliven our community. During a dramatization of a community  meeting  to prepare for a sister’s feast day, she suggested outing and cruise by the Manila Bay. Everybody looked at her in disbelief. Given the strong character that she had, she said with determination, “THE BEST IS YET TO COME.”

Today, Sol, we rejoice with you, for we know that you are now enjoying eternal bliss with Our Shepherd God. Indeed, SOL “THE BEST HAS COME. “ Thank you Sol for being one of God’s gift to the Good Shepherd Philippine Province .