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First Good Shepherd at the UN

Dear Cecil, Mau and all my Good Shepherd friends in Philippines..

Just a word to share condolences upon hearing of the death of Soledad.

I encountered Soledad early on at the UN in my tenure as GS NGO rep in New York. Often people say I am the first Good Shepherd at the UN but clearly Sol was miles ahead of me - she knew everyone and everyplace and wielded her way around the system. 

She gave me a vision of what might be possible, even as her presence had its own complicating features.

I came to know many in the anti-trafficking networks who knew Sol over the years  - many admired her and some were unsettled by her, but all paid attention and listened to her.

I also had meet Sol  in India, where we collaborated on a workshop on trafficking at the World Social Forum.

And once in Rome, our paths crossed at different meetings.

 I am happy to have seen Sol in her own place, finally, in Manila when I visited in February this year. It was clear that her health and ability was diminishing, even as her interest and alertness stayed strong.

She toured me (with Mau and others organizing etc) for an afternoon through her Third World project and kept her desire and sparkle for always enjoying some kind of a treat  - I had my first Halo-halo with her!  

So, a chapter of history dies even as you celebrate 100 years and open new chapters.

Please convey to all the sisters my unity with your province, my gratitude for the strong Philippine women I know, including Soledad, and my great hope that GS Philippines continues to prosper in its mission and prophecy, as it moves to new places, further margins.

In love,


Clare Nolan
Good Shepherd International Justice Peace Training Facilitator
211 East 43rd St rm 302
New York, NY 10017

“The Just lives forever”

The GS Asia-Pacific Justice & Peace Core Team and Network and the GS Asia-Pacific Partnership Team expresses its deep condolences and sense of loss over the demise of Sr. Soledad Perpinan last July 26, 2011.

We gratefully affirm how Sr. Soledad has lived her zeal and passion for serving and advocating for marginalized and exploited Women and children and working for Justice and Peace initiatives in the Philippines, in Asia-Pacific and the Global community.

We continue to traverse the same path that has been started by Good Shepherd Sisters like Sr. Soledad and the others as we cross and transcend boundaries in living the Good Shepherd Mission today in Asia-Pacific and the world.

We shall accompany Sr. Soledad with our fervent prayers as she journeys home to the eternal embrace of Jesus, Our Good Shepherd.

From GS Asia-Pacific Justice & Peace Core Team and Network (Maria Rose Chinnappan, Joan Marie Lopez, Maureen Catabian, Ms. Gloria Bon, Sutisa Utalun, Niluka Pereira, Ms. Michaela Guthridge, Julia Queck)

 & GS Asia-Pacific Partnership Team/Formation Team (Pamela Molony, Noelene White, Ms. Theresa Symons, Teresita Figueroa & Mr. Andrea Curreri (MDO)  )