Day 7- Province Chapter - Closing

March 22 

The conclusion of the Province Chapter was held during the Eucharistic Celebration on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 22.


Fr. Ronald Macale, St. Joseph
Parish Priest noted the smiles on the faces of the delegates during the Laetare
Mass where he blessed the newly elected Province Leadership Team led by Sr.
Mary Susan Montano.

Sr. Regina Kuizon in formally closing remarks said, “We are in the Lenten
season, and know the Crown of Jesus. May we wear the crown, the corona of
compassion, corona of mercy and corona of forgiveness and reconciliation. May
we be ‘Transformed by Love, Passionate for Mission.’” With these words, she
formally closed this historic Province Chapter.

PLT 2014-2020 with Fr. Macale PLT 2020-2026 with Fr. Macale

Closing of the 2020 Province Chapter

Dear Sisters and Lay Mission Partners,

We are blessed to have gathered the past five days here in Quezon City—St. Bridget School and Good Shepherd Convent, to hold the first Province of Philippines-Japan Chapter.

We have been challenged by the pandemic corona virus disease- covid 19  that restricted travel and left us to observe social distancing, in our meetings and Eucharistic Celebrations.
But we have listened to the Spirit, speaking to each one of us. We felt the power of prayers of our sisters—apostolic and contemplative in the Philippines and Japan, and the solidarity of our lay mission partners.

Sr, Ellen Kelly, our congregational leader,  Sr. Frances Robinson apostolic councillor and Sr. Jude Ellen Golumbieski, contemplative councillor, were unable to attend but kept us in their prayers and gave encouragement tor all of us. Flexibility has been the value that required our response in the day to day changes, and lived beautifully by Sr. Brigid Lawlor, our facilitator who wore two hats while with us during the first half of the shortened days of our chapter

Thanks especially the sisters in the 24 communities in the Province of Philippines-Japan who prayed for our Chapter, to all of you delegates who are able to witness this historic moment in our province.

We thank the communities and staff of St. Bridget School, Good Shepherd Community, Euphrasian Community, Heart of Mary Villa and Provincialate, with the novitiate and temporary professed community in 1043 for the welcoming and the use of the facilities in the compound, all for the service of the province. 
To Sr. Jeva Sumbillo, and her team who nourished us during the five days and will continue to do so until March 26.  Gratitude is the memory of the heart, the palate and the stomach.

Thanks to those who broke bread with us during the Province Chapter, especially Fr. Ronald Macale, parish priest of St. Joseph. During the Opening of our Chapter, Bishop Honesto Ongtioco celebrated the Eucharist.

Truly we have been blessed. We support  Sr. Susan Montano and the incoming Province Leadership Team with our commitment to implement the directives and recommendations of the 2020 Province Chapter. Through the intercession of St. Mary Euphrasia, whose 80th anniversary of canonization we mark this year, may our dreams spread to our sisters and ,ay mission partners, families, friends and benefactors and people we network with. May we uphold the dignity of  families especially women and children, the marginalized. May we uphold the integrity of creation and be vigilant to respond to climate emergency. We are in the Lenten season, and know the Crown of  Jesus. May we wear the crown, corona of compassion, corona of mercy and corona of forgiveness and reconciliation. May we be “Transformed by Love, Passionate for Mission.”


Sr. M. Regina Kuizon RGS