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Life in the Mission

The following are experiences of Good Shepherd Sisters who worked in foreign mission and have come back to the Philippine Province to continue their work through various ministries.

1. Sr. Mary James Wilson RGS
I worked for seven years at the Spirituality Center of the Mother House in Angers, France

Being missioned to the Mother House and working with the original team of the Spirituality Commission created by Sr. Gema Cadena and her General Council was truly a graced experience wiht many memorable events. The first striking one was the chance to visit other Spirituality Centers in France and learning how other congregations study their history and life of their foundress. Another is being in constant touch with the places hallowed by the presence of our Mother Foundress, reading her letters in the original and discovering facts about her not  usually found in the extant biographies. And of course, meeting our sisters from so many other parts of the world, was very enriching.


2. Sr. M. Regina Kuizon RGS
I was missioned at the Good Shepherd Generalate in Rome for nearly seven years and was communications coordinator from 2003-2009.

I was asked by Sr. Liliane Tauvette and her General Council to go to Rome to prepare for the 2003 General Chapter and worked with Sr. Marie Establier, the communications coordinator, and Sr. Christine Mearns. It was an enriching experience that for the first time in the history of the congregation, the significant events of the Chapter were posted on the website and were read by sisters from all over the world who have access to the internet.

Advances in technology and the openness of Sr Brigid Lawlor and the Congregational Leadership Team enabled me as communications coordinator to plan and move from the html type of website to a php one that is more interactive and interesting. 

The congregational newsletter, Good Shepherd News, which was posted on the site monthly, offered fresh news about the different provinces, districts and sectors. It gave me opportunities to meet sisters in person and through email, and collaborate with them about our communications system. Collaboration with apostolic and contemplative sisters, those in the Mother House, the Justice and Peace Office in Rome, the Good Shepherd NGO Office in New York, and the unit leaders and communications persons in various units were most enriching for me. It gave me a wider perspective of the congregation and a deeper love for the Congregation. St. Mary Euphrasia's vision was inspiring. That the sisters wherever they are assigned strive to express the compassion of Jesus the Good Shepherd to the poor is indeed edifying.

The Intercontinental Assemblies held in Ecuador, France and Thailand offered challenges as these events were also reported to the congregation. 

It was a beautiful experience to end this mission with the 2009 Congregational Chapter, worked again with Sr. Christine Mearns and hand-over the responsibilities to Sr. Marie Francoise Mestry. The kindness of sisters and lay men and women who helped in the translation was overwhelming.