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Community History

Guide Questions


One of the important suggestions that came up from various communities was the writing of the community’s history. The members of the Research and Documentation Committee in collaboration with the Spirituality Committee therefore suggest the following guidelines as each community writes and submits the history:


a.    When was the community founded? Who asked for the foundation? What were they considered to answer?

b.    Who were the foundresses? Can you recall some personal vignettes about them? Who were the sisters assigned there through the years? Who were the coordinators?

c.     What were the early years like for the community, the ministry?

d.    How did the ministry develop through the years? Were there shifts, adaptations, changes? What factors brought these about?

e.    What were the significant events and who were the significant people? Why are they considered significant?

f.     Describe the impact of the ministry on the people. What were the big problems encountered and surmounted, the victories?

g.    Do you have human interest stories, experiences, letters, documents, that will give the narrative, life and authenticity?

h.    What were the striking divine interventions in the history of the foundation?

i.      How did the sisters experience and communicate the charism, of compassion and reconciliation in that particular setting?

j.      What title would you give the community and ministry stories?


Please submit the written history (three pages, single-spaced, 10 pts. Arial, on 81/2” x 11” paper) on or before December 16. If possible send it as an attachment to your email to Sr. Gina Kuizon: