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Messages during Unification

MESSAGE OF SR. ELLEN KELLY, Congregational Leader

April 24, 2017


Dear Sisters and Mission Partners of the Province of the Philippines-Japan,

This is a grace filled day not only for the sisters of the Philippines and Japan, but for the Congregation as well!  What a wonderful way to celebrate the feast day of Mary Euphrasia by having this merger effective on this special day.  How proud she would be of each one of you!  In her own words she continuously reminded us, “our zeal must embrace the world.”

All of you are to be congratulated for the process that you lived for these past 2½ years.  You addressed the realities of your respective situations with openness and honesty.  While you appreciated the positives of this unification, you also did not avoid the pain and the challenges.


You worked diligently to include everyone in the dialogue and to listen carefully to all the pros for the decision and also to the expression of doubts or concerns.  You were realistic about the aging of the units, the cultural and language differences, as well as the geographic distances. 


Photo in Osaka, Japan

The history of the two countries could not be ignored and you openly shared with one another in a manner that reflected the call of our charism to forgiveness, reconciliation, and unity.  While you had to acknowledge the painful past, you looked beyond it to a new page in the history of your countries that will be created in the future by the sisters and mission partners.


Photo in Quezon City, Philippines

In a world where many relationships are not developed between people of different cultures and old wounds are passed down through generations, you were inspired by the Christ of the Gospel.  You focused on love and mission!  Your openness and work together for the common good and a common vision, while respecting differences, is a beautiful and inspiring model so needed today for our wounded human family.


May God continue to bless you as you live into the reality of this new entity as the communities of Japan become integrated into the Province of Philippines-Japan.

Thank you! The entire Congregation is grateful for your faith-filled witness and your courage to risk together for the future.

In our Shepherd’s Heart,

Ellen Kelly, Congregational Leader