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Day 5- Province Chapter


March 20, 2020

The delegates were challenged by the AMRSP call for religious to find ways to reach out to the sick, the health workers, the poor, to family and friends during this time. Hence, the Chapter body decided to share the snacks with the drivers who have no earnings during this time. Moreover, it was agreed that in support of the health workers who are the front liners in the battle against the corona virus, Baguio products would be given to them.

The Province Treasurer’s report was presented starting with a beautiful quote from Pope Francis: “Discerning the effects of financial decisions begins with assessing economic possibilities based on financial and personal resources; it relies on the work of specialists and the use of means that enable a prudent and carefully managed stewardship; and it operates according to law and at the service of an integral ecology… it treats money as its servant, and never as its master, even for the most just and sacred of reasons.”

Sr. Amelia David presented an exhaustive financial report for the past six years which reflected God’s generosity. In the discussion that followed, Sr. Yolanda Borbon, Congregational Treasurer, highlighted the need to do strategic financial management and to align the province’s disbursements with the Chapter priorities. This is to be the basis for the analysis of the financial report. The need for proper accounting and adequate internal controls not only for the community but also for the ministry funds was also identified.