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Day 3 - Province Chapter


March 18


The third day of the Chapter was for the discernment and election of the Province Leadership Team. In the presence of Sr. Brigid Lawlor, representative of Sr. Ellen Kelly and through a spirit guided process, the Chapter body elected Sr. Mary Susan Montano, RGS as the new Province Leader of Philippines – Japan Province.

The apostolic delegates voted to have five members of the Apostolic Province Leadership Team with three for election and two for appointment. The contemplative delegates on the other hand, voted to have two contemplative councilors, one elected and one appointed.

The elected members of the Province Leadership Team are:


1. Sr. Ma. Gemma Dinglasan

2. Sr. Ma. Arabella Balingao

3. Sr. Ma. Alicia Andres



1. Sr. Mary Lilly Simon Sorop


Sr. Susan Montano will still discern the councilors for appointment.