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2020 Province Chapter Direction Statement



Province of Philippines – Japan

March 16-22, 2020



Transformed by Love, Passionate for Mission


With gratitude and hope we, the delegates of the 2020 Province Chapter of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Philippines-Japan, gathered on March 16-22, 2020 at the Divine Child Auditorium, St. Bridget School, Quezon City.


It was an open chapter and the first as Philippines- Japan Province, participated in by 47 apostolic and contemplative professed sisters, 3 lay partners in mission and 2 novices. Due to the community quarantine amidst the corona virus pandemic, we missed the presence of other delegates outside Metro Manila. 


The Chapter was a journey of affirming our growth and owning our inconsistencies. The Spirit- filled dialogue with partners in mission impelled us to seek reconciliation.  It challenged us to transform our attitudes and mind sets which blocked the authentic witnessing of our charism of compassion and mercy. 


In the face of the decline in the number of sisters and few religious vocations in the province but blessed with committed lay partners in mission, we are called to explore innovative ways so that our charism and mission continue to be responsive to the changes in society.     


The present climate emergency crisis, more complex forms of violence against women and children, state repression and unabated human rights violations call us to a prophetic response.  We hear the cry of the poor and of Mother Earth.


We open ourselves to God’s transforming love in order to witness to the Good Shepherd spirituality in community and mission.  We will continue contemplative dialogue and communal discernment as a way of life as we commit ourselves to:


·        Formation of Good Shepherd  partners in mission towards integration and co-responsibility

Create a team of partners in mission to formulate a joint formation program considering their profile and needs.


·       Restructuring of ministries and communities for effective response to emerging issues

Sustain our Women, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (WJPIC) thrust that permeates our lifestyle as we restructure communities and mission.


·         Realistic and concrete program for integral ecology

Concretize and live out “Laudato Si” in communities and ministries in response to Climate Emergency and Care for our Common Home.


·  Relevant and responsive team leadership on all levels that is relational, consultative and participative

Practice friendship model of leadership (cf. John 13) that values listening, engages in consultation, and discernment.


·         Stewardship for sustainability for mission

Ensure effective and efficient stewardship of material and human resources towards sustainability of mission.




·         Formation of Good Shepherd  Partners in Mission

1.    That as partners in mission, we attain a common understanding of the levels of partnership, integration, co- responsibility for mission and interculturality.

2.    That Mission Development Program be evaluated and continued.


·         Restructuring of Ministries and Communities

1.    That a mechanism for assessment, consultation, consolidation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation be set to maximize human and material resources.

2.    That the consolidation process of ministries and communities be continued.

3.    That the 3 St. Bridget Schools be under one school system.

4.    That an intentional inter-level formation community be explored.


·         Integral Ecology

1.       That a formation on cosmic spirituality be given to sisters and lay partners in mission, recognizing our interconnectedness and practicing SAPAT (simple living) principle.

2.       That zero waste management be implemented with emphasis on the refusal of “single use plastics” in all communities and ministries.


·         Relevant and Responsive Team Leadership

That we have a common understanding and practice of consultation in all levels in communities and ministries.  In accordance with Art. 87 of our Constitution, we engage in communal discernment, collaboration and delegation as we honour the Spirit at work in each one.


·         Stewardship for Sustainability for Mission

1.       That a strategic financial management be in place in all communities and ministries that includes planning, budgeting, monitoring, reporting, accounting controls, and risk management.

2.       That a Province Human Resource Management Team be created to review and update standardized human resource policies and procedures, and monitor implementation and compliance with congregational values and government regulations.

3.       That there be an assessment of all our properties, ensure compliance of government requirements, proper documentation, determine utilization, maintenance and the required procedure in the acquisition and alienation of properties.

4.       That St. Mary Euphrasia Integrated Development Foundation, Inc. (SMEIDFI) and Ministry Office be strengthened to ensure fund generation, optimal use of resources, networking and sharing of information, capacity building and monitoring.

5.       That a proper allocation of resources be observed.




·         Formation of Good Shepherd  partners in mission

That the Province Leadership Team (PLT) creates a team of partners in mission to formulate a Joint Formation Program considering their profile and needs.


·         Integral Ecology 

1.       That the PLT allocates province funds:

a.    To maximize our lands and farms using the sustainable agriculture technology and turning them into ecological centers for learning and healing.

b.    To tap the use of renewable energy (solar, wind energy) and to create facility for rainwater collection.

2.       That PLT creates a team to ensure the implementation and monitoring of the programs.


·         Team Leadership

1.    That all persons in leadership practice the friendship model of leadership     (cf. John 13)

2.    That the PLT reorganizes the province secretary’s office to be the communication center of the province.

3.    That PLT comes up with a practical mechanism to actualize interculturality and integration of Philippines-Japan


At this critical point in our national and global history, let us all be “Life- Giving Seekers” as we heed the call of the prophet Micah ‘to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with our God’ (Micah 6:8).


With St. John Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia we move forward with courage, being transformed by love and passionate for mission. We acknowledge the significant contribution of all partners in mission, the efforts of the Preparatory Committee and the prayerful support of our communities.


We are grateful to Sr. Brigid Lawlor, our Chapter facilitator who also acted as the representative of Sr. Ellen Kelly and the Congregational Leadership Team.


We thank Sr. Mary Regina Kuizon and the outgoing Province Leadership Team. We welcome Sr. Mary Susan Montano, the new Province Leader and her team who will be formally installed at a Eucharistic celebration on June 29, 2020.