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W-JPIC Office issues Statement on Maguindanao carnage

Submitted by: regina
On: 08/12/2009


The Women, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (W-JPIC) Office of the Good Shepherd Sisters in the Philippine Province issued a statement recently on the Maguindanao carnage.

Committee on Women, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (W-JPIC)

Good Shepherd Sisters - Philippines

1043 Aurora Boulevard, 1108 Quezon City


Statement on the Maguindanao Carnage

Candle of justiceThe Victims and their families are wailing for Justice!  We denounce the immoral GMA Government!”

We are appalled and deeply shocked at the carnage of 57 innocent people executed by a monstrous private army of a power-wielding political clan in Ampatuan, Maguindanao on that fateful day of November 23, 2009.

Our human sensibilities are scarred. We are outraged by such senseless political violence and culture of “warlordism” and impunity that has prevailed in our country today. 

The GMA Government is willingly complicit by its inability to urgently act on a crime of such heinous proportions.  It even openly brandished deep ties with alleged butchers in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao.

We demand that truth be dug out and justice be enforced against the prevailing impunity, corruption and political warlordism in this government.

We mourn the death and desecration of journalists, human rights lawyers, innocent children and women who were raped and mutilated without mercy.

We refuse to be cowered by fear nor paralyzed by apathy and tokenism.

We refuse to be manipulated by lame excuses and empty rhetorics by this inept government.

We commit to engage in all possible actions of support for victims’ families and exhaust all means to help bring to justice the perpetrators of violence.

We do not want anything to do with an immoral government in its failure to rein unmitigated greed .  for power and conniving with notorious political allies.

The GMA  government perpetuates itself through a culture of corruption, violence and impunity legitimized by  systems and policies crafted for its desperate survival.

We reject political violence, systemic corruption , patronage and political warlordism!

We reject the immoral government of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo!


For Reference : Sr. Maureen Catabian, RGS- Women. Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation  (WJPIC) Office    Email: