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APJP issues Statement on Anti-Human Trafficking

Submitted by: regina
On: 26/10/2009

The Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Justice and Peace network issued a Statement  on Anti-Human Trafficking that was read at the Parallel session conducted by  GS APJP Network entitled "United in a Bright Future" during the AP NGO  Forum on Beijing+15 in Manila , Philippines.

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Good Shepherd Asia Pacific  Justice  Peace Network

Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
An NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC, United Nations

                    Statement on Anti- Human TraffickingOctober 2009



Work zealously with women and children, especially those who are trafficked, forced to migrate and oppressed by abject poverty.  We support projects for economic justice, confront unjust systems and take a corporate stance when appropriate”

Excerpt from the 29th Congregational Chapter Direction Statement, 2009


We, the Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Justice Peace Network represent nineteen(19) countries in this region. Our special mission is to girls and women who are exploited and marginalized. We have come together to share stories and insights, explore challenges and maximize our participation in anti-human trafficking work.

From our experiences, we recognize human trafficking as an assault against the dignity of the human person and a violation of human rights.

We strongly condemn all forms of human trafficking, in particular the exploitation of women and children who are economically deprived and vulnerable

We call on our governments to take responsibility making anti-human trafficking laws where there are none and enforce laws where they currently exist

We urge governments to take a stand and commit themselves to anti-human trafficking initiatives through law enforcement and to address the poverty situation through the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)


We commit ourselves to:

Listen to the voices of trafficked women and girls whom we recognize ashaving much wisdom about their experience

Conduct education and training programs on anti-human trafficking

Promote campaigns and advocacy work on anti-human trafficking

Provide women-friendly shelters in the Asia Pacific region to help

survivors of human trafficking

Carry out comprehensive prevention, rehabilitation and repatriation

work to victims / survivors of human trafficking

Develop and strengthen networking on the local, regional and

international levels in collaboration with NGOs and GOs and other faith based organizations

Maximize sharing of our resources for the elimination of human

trafficking in persons

Stop the demand side of human trafficking

Provide alternative sources of livelihood to women through economicjustice projects

The Good Shepherd Sisters and their lay partners along with many other networks affirm that human trafficking is a very complex issue and a rapidly accelerating global problem. As such, we strongly advocate a systematic, integrated and holistic approach in order to take a corporate stance incombating human trafficking.

Download pdf file:  APJP Statement on Anti Human Trafficking

Contact person: Maureen Catabian, RGS

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For Reference :  Good Shepherd (GS) Asia-Pacific Justice and Peace (APJP)  Network- Contact Person: Sr. Maureen Catabian, RGS

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