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12/05/2012 - Bill and Carol
Prayer Request!

May 8,2012.

Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son,Other Losses & Deaths,Severe Financial Hardship,Health Issues & Other Sorrows…

Dear Sisters & Community of Prayer,

Thank you for praying! Can you include my wife and I(in your daily prayers) in the daily prayers of the Community? If so? Please with us daily! Progress is very slow! Never the less, We continue to stay at our Post in Hope! Please pray(2012)with us daily for as long as possible?2012,2013..?? God’s Healing,Protecting Peace & Hope! Feel free to pass or e-mail our urgent prayer request on to other Communities(Women&Men)of Prayer that you know of in the World? Thank you! Bill and Carol. oh.usa ps.We will keep you in our daily prayers!
12/05/2012 - Lisa Ashmore
Hello Sisters,
I was one of the residents at HMV some 30+ years ago. Is this location still in operation? I would like to know where I can get in touch with Sr. Lourdes (Fabia?) and Sr. Concepta. I am now living in the U.S. with two beautiful children and happily married to wonderful husband. I was one of the fortunate ones to take my son home after my stay with the help of my family.
I hope to hear from you.
Thank You,
05/05/2012 - larissa
my dear rgs sisters,
please join me for the safe trip of margarita medina,o.carm. and arlene marie reporte,o.carm. on may 12,2012 going to bohol and for the safe trip of,o.carm. ma.barbara pulido,o.carm. and ma.jesusa buendia,o.carm. going to vietnam.
29/04/2012 - Gemma Camara Leftwich
Happy Feast Day to all Good Shepherd Mothers around the world.!!!!We Good Shepherd Girls are very thankful indeed that you were in our lives, and guided us to the right path in life. With your love and prayers, you made us strong, and could tackle the hardships that were laid on us along the way. How could I say it in a few words..."Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May God continue to shower you with His love and blessings always!"
I am a graduate of St. Ursula's School in Cebu. I am now a resident of Hinton, West Virginia,USA.
29/04/2012 - Trinidad (trixie) Custodio, Ortiz
My dear Sisters of the Good Shepherd of Baguio City, St. Domitilla's, St. Euphrasia's, St. Bridget"s of Quezon City Provincialate, Welcome House, Tahanan,

I am very Happy to tell all my good mothers who took care of me during my darkest hours when I was a teen and also when I was starting my family ,that I went through all my problems with flying colors because of Your patience and specially with your love, Every time I look back I see the guiding hands, the load of prayers I have been given with out my knowing it, and up to now whenever I need something from God I always go back and ask for your prayers, Thank You for everything my dear mothers, If I write down all your names then I might have to recite the rosary because I missed some names.
My son is fine now and I know it was your prayers that helped me get through it.

Your prodigal daughter,
Trinidad Custodio aka. Trixie ( Mansukhani} now Ortiz, back to Custodio
28/04/2012 - larissa
let us pray for the repose of the soul of bro.rolly dizon ,fsc who passed away last wednesday, april 25. and please pray for my safe trip going to burgos pangasinan and tarlac.
09/04/2012 - patty g. tiburcio
mapagpalang araw po..

plan po namin ng high school batch ko dumalaw sa place nyo to visit the kids. do we need for a reservation po ba? please contact me po.. 09997371619 & 092163774417. God Bless..
09/04/2012 - patty g. tiburcio
mapagpalang araw po..

plan po namin ng high school batch ko dumalaw sa place nyo to visit the kids. do we need for a reservation po ba? please contact me po.. 09997371619 & 092163774417. God Bless..
21/03/2012 - Maria Retina Palafox Castro Sarmiento
Please pray that Sheriff David Lynn Webb and I get married ASAP and have a happy married life. He has 3 small kids ages 11,9 and 7 all in his sole custody. I loved his kids as much as I love their daddy. The kids need a mom as well looking after. The same thing goes for their daddy. Sisters, I really meant that. Lynn and the kids are my life. Please pray for our family to be reunited. Lynn and the kids live in Shelby County, Tennessee, USA while I reside in Laoag City, Ilokos Norte. Lynn is 20 years my senior (he is 50 and I just turned 30). Help me to pray sisters thanks God Bless you!
19/03/2012 - Olga M. Ong
I have read about your mission. I want to give a little of my blessings. Where can I send and to whom could I send my donation?
16/03/2012 - Doureen L. Mendoza
Dear Sister`s of Good Shepherd,
Hello! I`m from San Jose, Batangas. My husband and I are wanting to adopt a baby girl.
we are searching for a orphanage. please help us.... thank you po...
Please contact me in my number: 0915-588-6713
03/03/2012 - larissa
hi to all my rgs sisters friends.
i hope someday magkaroon din ng yes program reunion para makilala din na mga ibang yes girls ang mga rgs sisters. at by invitation po ba yung silver jubilee nila srs.terry and tess? i hope i'm invited to attend. please also join me in praying for my friend who might have heart surgery. he belongs to the congregation of fr.seb de ambra. he's name is fr.giulio mariani,pime.
01/03/2012 - larissa
hope the rgs sisters would inform if there's any occation in quezon city. my contact number is 6456360
29/02/2012 - amy perez culaway
im amy from sto tomas batangas, i was shock today when i saw the picture of sister marry carmel, i didnt know that she pass away already i was really feel bad its hurt to know that shes gone away foreever, hope she forgive me for the time i didnt spent her . The last letter that i received from her it was 2001 we have a promise to each other that we will have spent together but it wouldnt happen, we didnt say goodbye to each other, i know shes in good hands right now but honestly it really hurts for me hope where ever she is she will guide me for all the time like she did before, God knows how much i love you i really miss you, you became my bestfriends advicer and everything you give me strength you make me strong when i weak even we didnt spend much time together i know and i feel that youre here beside me, goodbye for now my beloved sister marry carmel i love you and im gonna miss you.
20/02/2012 - Miriam Bastian-Tollet
Remina Miriam Bastian-tollet
for the girls that were unable to be with us during the 2012 mmf reunion,this is the message i passed on to sr. carmel [and the good sheperd sisters]which was written w/ all of u in mind.


time is valuable.
in our younger years, we had plenty of time.
in the passed years,we had no time.
in our advancing years,we are running out of time.
time is money.time is gold
it is timeless.
and there is ''in the old times''
time is fast, time is slow
i need ''me time'', and ''i want your time''.
so,sister carmel- now is the right time, while we have the time
to let you know that after all this time
how we appreciate all these times.
the time you taught us 5x5,time to work
time to study time for fun
time for rest, time for spiritual enrichment.
i can go on and lose track of time
these times were the bad times.
but now i know were the good times.happy times i remember most
about good sheperd.
so, before our craetor says''ur time is up'' sister carmel,
time to say we love and thank you and the rest of the good sheperd sisters
that have made us what we are today.
at this moment in time,we the mmf members say....
see you again sometime.

by :Mriam Bastian-Tollet
20/02/2012 - Mark and Remina Tollet
Wish to offer our deepest sympathy to the loss of Sister Carmel who passed away Sunday 19th February 2012. Thank you for giving all of your girls at the convent a chance in life. God Bless you. Rest in peace always. x
11/02/2012 - Mae
the beautiful people who took care of me
11/02/2012 - Mae
I just came across this site and felt back the warmth and joy in remembering the beautiful people to took care of me when I had my studies at the Ateneo de Manila University 1998 years ago.
I am looking at the photos to seek for familiar faces and will continue to do so after this.
Sad, though, to see pictures of goodbyes for Sister Sol. She was an intelligent helping nun. I was honored to be able to spend time with her - to relax and think well with her. God bless your soul, dear Sister Sol. Thank you po...
03/02/2012 - Perla de Castro
i have heard so much the good shepherd nuns of Baguio from my son, Fr. Tony de Castro SJ.
I think he is most happy when he is there among the good sisters. Thank you also for the strawberry and ube jams that he brings from your facility. Our prayers for you.

God bless.

Perla B. de Castro
07/01/2012 - milagros mustrales
dear sr. con bellosillo, miss ko na kayo ni sr. guad. regards din kay sr. pilar. is it final na lumipat na ang hmv maysilo sa qc? ok din naman mas malapit. did you get my padala kahit small time lang? am coming home mar. my 2nd child is graduating 18 and 28. hope so. i have small candles bought on sale-ikea but not scented.dadaan ko sa qc for you siempre and will find something else for you. take care. love, mimi 1976
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