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An experience of love, compassion and gentleness

I never dreamt of becoming a nun. As a child, I imagined myself to be a doctor but the sight of blood and operating table changed my mind. I did consider at some point in college whether God might be calling me to the religious life. I asked for a sign to confirm it but it never came. I convinced myself that I don’t have to be a nun to serve God. I finished college, found a job and forgot the whole thing. I enjoyed life secure in the love of my family and company of friends.

As I was preparing for a new career path, God’s call became persistent. I resisted and tried to ignore it. I was happy and contented with my life. But there was something missing. My heart longed for something more. I lingered in answering God’s call. I was unsure of my vocation and it was difficult for me to leave my family. But God had a way with my hesitant heart. As I discerned God’s will in my life, the call became intense each day. Signs of religious life followed mewherever I go.While I was looking for a congregation and asking God for guidance, the image of the Good Shepherd would appear from nowhere. What more do I need? I reached the point of no return. It was now or never. I told my family about my decision to enter the convent however hard it was for me to do. They were not happy about it but they respected my decision.

It has been four years since I entered in 2010. I recall the day and still remember what I felt. I had mixed emotions but there was a general feeling of joy and peace in my heart. I stepped into the unknown and put my faith in God. Everyday is a journey to myself, with others and God. I ask myself from time to time. Am I happy? Of course, not all the time but I am at peace. I continue to seek the will of God and follow my heart. When times are hard and I tell myself, why am I doing this? I look at Jesus and I have my reason. It is true when they say that a vocation is a mystery. I do not know all the answers but I learn to trust.

As a Good Shepherd sister, my desire to serve is fulfilled. Aside from the motivation of service to others, I also want to share the love that I experienced from God and my family. Having entered the congregation, I not only experience the love but more importantly, God’s compassion and gentleness. This enables me to reach out more compassionately to the women and girls who suffer violence and abuse. I feel their pain and I am moved to journey with them as they cry for justice.

I wish there would be more people who will respond to the world’s cry for healing and justice. More people who will answer Jesus’ call to seek the lost, least and oppressed. I pray that there will be one less abused child and battered woman in their home each day. And I pray that there will be young women who will follow the path of the Good Shepherd. Having been in the congregation for sometime and having observed their culture, I can candidly say that it’s more fun in RGS.