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From the Family of Sr. Mary Assumption Ocampo

"Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart"


By Ms. Pilar "Piluchi" Fernandez,
niece of Sr. Mary Assumption


Bishop Federico Escaler,|
Father Chito Unson,
Sis. Cecile Torres - Provincial, Religious of the Good Shepherd
Sis. Guada Bautista - Superior of the Baguio Community
Nephews, nieces and their families, relatives, former students and friends of Sister Mary Assumption. . .

Pilar I stand before you today to express what I believe Sister Mary Assumption would have wanted to tell you if she were given the last chance to deliver her departing words before we take her to her final resting place this afternoon - - -

1.  To all those who have come to pay their final respect during the past 3 days and are present here today to celebrate her joyful homecoming to her Heavenly Father, to all those who have been remembering her in all their prayers during her lifetime especially during the last few years of her life, thank you very much;

2.  To all the PRESENT AND RETIRED STAFF AND WORKERS of the Mountain Maid Training Center in Baguio, thank you for always giving Sister Assumption your best, in whatever duties and work assigned to you, as she had always reminded you: "that you must always love your work, no matter how small or routinary it may be so that you will never be bored and at the end of the day, no matter how tired you may be, you will be happy for a work well done".  This explains the smile and joy of serving we see in all of you, whether it be in the Production Area or in the Store to serve your customers;

3.  To all her NEPHEWS, NIECES AND THEIR FAMILIES.  "Dacal a Salamat.  Kaluguran da ko ngan"!

(Thank you very much.  I love you all).  For all your love and concern manifested through letters, calls, visits and other expressions of love, whether it be a pack of chicharon, her favorite Tamales, balut or a bag of chocolate kisses.  Tia Aveling always treasured news and "cuentos" from home because most of her assignments were far from Manila or Pampanga;

4.  To BISHOP ESCALER, whom she fondly called FREDDIE.  Thank you for always being there for Tia Aveling. 

You always made it a point to celebrate with her , many memorable events of her Religious Life.  Despite being much younger than her she would always seek your advise, whether they be personal or otherwise, and always you were there to listen and enlighten her;

5.  To her CAREGIVERS.   Fe, who has been with Sister for the last 14 years, Melba, Cherry and Lerma, MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT!  Kung sinasabi ninyo sa akin na "mabait na pasyente si Sister", yun ay dahil pinadama ninyo sa kanya and taimtim na pagmamahal sa bawat paglilingkod ninyo.  Sa bawat sandali ng kanyang pangangailangan, bali wala sa inyo ang pagod o puyat.  Nanduon kayo, parang kanyang mga anak sinisikap na maayos parati ang kanyang kalagayan;

6.  To her Medical Team, headed by Dra. Julie Cabatu.  The Sisters could not have chosen a more capable and loving doctor.  Medically, you have given Sister the best care anyone could have asked for. You went beyond your call of duty, not minding the time of  day or night when you would be called for emergencies.  Thank you for your unselfish love and service;

7.  To all the SISTERS OF HER RELIGIOUS FAMILY, most especially her BAGUIO COMMUNITY, I am at a loss for words on how we could express our deepest gratitude to all of you.  We all know that Sister Mary Assumption always had a soft heart for the underprivileged youth especially those of the Cordilleras.  It was always her dream to give the youth equal opportunity to obtain an educatioin so that they can have a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.  She was never an advocate for dole outs.  She always adhered to her belief that "we should help them help themselves".  Thank you Sisters for allowing her to achieve this dream through the Mountain Maid Training Center.  For her BAGUIO COMMUNITY, "maraming, maraming salamat sa inyo" for taking very good care of Sister Assumption especially during the last few years when her health was slowly failing her.  You gave her nothing but the best in medical needs, nutrients, comforts, but most important of all, you provided all of these with a sincere and unselfish love for her;

Finally, we give thanks and praise to our HEAVENLY FATHER for the blessing of sharing Sister Mary Assumption to us for 102 years.

As we bring her to her final resting place today, we will surely miss her physical presence but I know that her memory will live in all of us as we carry on her vision and good works.  Above all, each time that we open a bottle of Ube Jam, take a bite of the crunchy Sayote Pickles and partake of the other numerous products, let the "Mountain Maid Training Center" label remind us that once there lived a Sister Mary Assumption who answered the call of the Good Shepherd to take care of His flock here on earth.

It will be goodbye for now, Sister Assumption.  May you now rest in the loving embrace of the Good Shepherd and His Beloved Mother.  Please remember to pray for us also as we continue our earthly journey. . . till we meet again!!!