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From MMTC Staff

Like John the Baptist, Sr. Assumption showed the way,
prepared the way, pointed the way to Christ

By Julie Ramilo
Mountain Maid Training Center, Baguio City
(Sharing during Simbang Gabi,
December 16, 2009

Good Shepherd Sisters with staff from BaguioI came to know Sr. Assumption when I was accepted here as a working student in 1982. I computed her age at that time, she was already seventy (75) years old. 

For us employed we retire at sixty (60), but for Sr. Assumption it was otherwise. I saw in her how she lived out the words of Mother Euphrasia “Do well all that you do”. I witnessed how she worked everyday from 8 in the morning to
12 noon, then from 1 to 5 in the afternoon. 

She would supervise the Brittle and Cooking Section every now and then. Making sure that the Peanut Brittle is stretched thinly, the Strawberry Jam is clear of it’s scum before placing the ingredients, the strawberries are packed and fixed evenly.  The Ube Jam is cooked with the required time and consistency. 

She was very particular to quality products. Then in one corner of the Toasting Section she will have a ganta of peanuts that she peels quietly.  In the mornings after break she leads the rosary. Despite her age she goes to market to look for some materials that she can experiment on, in order that we the  students will have work to do. Routinely, as it may seem, to her she was never bored because at the end of the day she is happy that everything she does is all for the glory of God. 

For me the example she showed, was a bright light that I will also “Do well” in whatever assigned task I have.  For me Sr. Assumption was like
St. John the Baptist who showed the way, prepared the way, pointed the way to Christ.