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From the Good Shepherd Sisters in the Philippines

"Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart"


By Sr. Cecilia Torres RGS
Province Leader, Good Shepherd Sisters

This a French saying often quoted by St. Mary Euphrasia, foundress of the Good Shepherd Congregation. It is a saying that we are sure of is so well entrenched in the memory and heart of Sr. Mary Assumption. It is a saying whose echo reaches various parts of the world where Good Shepherd Sisters are.

Gratitude is the memory of the heart. 

To the family of Sr. Mary Assumption we repeat these words. From the family that nurtured her early life and was not a hindrance as she journeyed and discerned what was God’s will for her, to the present generation of  Ocampos and Hizons who have been faithfully giving her love that she so richly deserves in her later years.  The Good Shepherd Sisters thank Sr. Assumption’s family for such an outpouring of love.

To the various communities of Good Shepherd Sisters in the Philippine Province, let us rejoice and be united in proclaiming these words of gratitude. As our eldest sister in the province, and a true daughter of St. Mary Euphrasia, Sr. Assumption exemplified to us what “Do well all that you do”  really meant. She did all things well,  from her years as teacher, principal, dean at St. Bridget’s College in  Batangas, to her being youth agency worker and councilor in a crisis intervention in Manila in the early 40s, to her involvement in the publications department in Angers, to her mission in Venezuela as assistant superior of the State Women Prison, to being provincial secretary and assistant accountant and prison administrator; to her work as economic program coordinator for poor college girls in Baguio, then supervisor of programs for youth in Buhi and later as supervisor of Mountain Maid Maid Training Center. Even in her quiet years she was showing us what aging gracefully meant.

We say thank you to all the Good Shepherd Communities, contemplative and apostolic for their prayers and love for Sr. Assumption, expressed in various ways all these years.

To Sr. Guadalupe Bautista and the sisters of  Baguio Community who provided the care and love each day to Sr. Assumption and who cheered her up when she needed it. We say thank to all the caregivers, Fe, Cherry, Melba and  Lerma who looked after her and who were her companion for years and provided her the space she needed for quiet and prayers. The sisters and caregivers, by their stories and conversations were her windows to the world beyond the convent and her room. We thank Dra. Cabatu for her fidelity and healing care..

We echo again the words, Gratitude is the memory of the heart, to our Sisters from Venezuela who welcomed Sr. Assumption in the 60s when Vatican II  opened more possibilities for sisters to reach out and express the compassion of  Jesus the Good Shepherd to those in need. We thank Sr. Martha Villegas. province leader of Venezuela, all the Good Shepherd communities in that country and all sisters whom Sr. Assumption met in the missions for joining us in prayers especially during these days. To our Good Shepherd family worldwide, we will continue to accompany Sr. Assumption with our prayers.

To all those who are here, members of the family, relatives and friends, Good Shepherd Sisters from the different communities, staff, Bishop Federico Escaler, Fr. Chito Unson,  the priests and religious men and women, We thank you for coming to celebrate and rejoice with us as we accompany Sr, Mary Assumption to her resting place, where she will dwell forever,  Maraming Salamat po.