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Novena Prayer for + Sr. M. Natividad Banaag RGS

Novena for
(Natividad Barrion Banaag of Batangas City)
December 24, 1924 – August 7, 2012


Leader:  Jesus Christ is the Lord of life, raised up by the Father. In his turn, Christ will raise us up by his power. Let us ask our Risen Lord to bring our dear Sr. Mary Natividad to the fullness of life, the fruit of his own resurrection.

All:        Lord Jesus, light shining in the darkness, we ask You to take our sister, Mary Natividad, into the light of your presence. Because she lived in our frail human body, forgive and totally wipe away by your love and mercy all the sins she may have committed.  Fulfill your promise of everlasting life for her who believed in You.

Jesus, our Shepherd God, we also pray for her family. Reward them for their generosity in giving her to the Church through our Congregation.  She loved them much while she was on earth and their love inspired her to live her life as a Good Shepherd Sister for 61 years. We ask you to take care of them and keep them in your love until the day You unite them all in your eternal kingdom.

We thank you for all she was to us, -- a sister, a friend, a companion in mission. May we be faithful to our mission of Reconciliation as Sr. Mary Natividad was until the end. As we pray for her, we also ask her to pray for us so that we may be ONE in your Heart and together be “weavers of compassion and reconciliation in global solidarity.”

 Leader:  Eternal life grant unto our Sr. Mary Natividad, Risen Lord.

 All:        And let perpetual light shine upon her.

 Leader:  May she rest in peace.

 All:        Amen.

 Leader:  May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through your mercy,

             O God, rest in peace.

 All:       Amen.