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Voice from the South

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 03/11/2018

By: Fr. Emeterio Barcelon, SJ


          Sister Carmelita was buried in the Good Shepherd Sisters Mother House in Quezon City last Saturday. I met or knew Sister Carm as a child. Those of us who took care of her called her “iyakin” for she cried often, especially when frustrated. Yet she was noted for her happy disposition all her religious life and her propensity to celebrate. Sister Carm tells us that at the end of high school, she experienced a strong feeling to dedicate her life to follow Christ as a Good Shepherd nun after reading a pamphlet on it. After that she ignored or even resisted the thought. She went to the University of the Philippines, Diliman, studying statistics then worked for the National Statistics Office. The thought of becoming a nun kept coming but with no attraction.  Then she relented and asked for admission. From the moment she accepted, all doubts left her.

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