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Vermi composting: A little contribution
to waste management in Baguio

Submitted by: regina
On: 30/06/2012

By Sr. M. Guadalupe Bautista RGS
(Good Shepherd Convent -Baguio City)

Baguio City used to be "clean and green".  Not anymore because of population pressure, cutting down of pine trees (latest SM controversy), traffic jams, air pollution and  uncollected garbage.

Vermi composting is our little contribution to the waste management of Baguio  and to return  to mother earth what she gives us.  Earthworms are called "angels of the earth".

We started in 2009 with several kilos of  african night crawlers called  Eudrilus euginiae or Eugene.  Today, we are producing 60 sacks of organic compost  monthly from  vermi casts.  We use the organic fertilizer for the flower and  vegetable garden and the blueberry farm in Atok.

Besides the vermi fertilizer  we were taught by two experts from the University of Hawaii  how to brew vermi casts as liquid fertrilizer and insecticide.  See the photo of the home made brewer - one big pail  and two small pails. It takes 8 to 10 hours to brew the vermi tea using a small aquarium  electric motor.

We sent the vermi compost for analysis at Ateneo's Philippine Institute for Pure and Applied  Chemistry or PIPAC.  The analysis is needed to find out the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus content of the vermi fertilizer.

Last April 21, 2012 the day before Earthday  the book "Stories of Eugene the Earthworm"  was launched at St. Scholastica Convent.  The book  contains the stories  of the Baguio Vermi Growers.