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Quick Response to Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda

Submitted by: regina
On: 15/12/2013

The Ministry Team spearheaded  the quick response to facilitate the healing, recovery and rehabilitation of survivors of typhoon Yolanda that struck the Visayas November 8.

In coordination with local government, church/groups and congregations in the area, the quick response team offered relief operation, stress debriefing, crisis or trauma counselling.

Sr. M. Añanita Borbon, Sr. M. Ailyn Binco, Sr. M. Emma Marzan and Sr. Ma. Alicia Andres joined the relief operations to Samar of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, from November 21-25, and provided some 500 bags of assorted goods that included 8 kilos of rice, assorted canned goods, dried fish, coffee, salt, sugar and oil. The total number of bags of goods distributed to families was 2,000.

During their sharing before Good Shepherd Sisters and mission partners after the relief operations, the group noted the generosity of ferry boat owners to allow trucks and vehicles used by groups involved in relief operations to have free access to their services.

They showed the vast destruction to properties and infrastructures in the areas that they passed on the way to Basey, Samar. One concern that the sisters identified was the danger posed to women and children who could be easy prey to  those engaged in trafficking of persons.

There were suggestions on how the Philippine Province can address this issue and prevent trafficking of women and children, who are survivors of the typhoon.

The group is scheduled to go back to Samar this December 18-23.
Sr. M. Carmelita Arenas and Sr. M. Basilides Superable gave sessions on Healing and Blessing Mother Earth after the earthquake in Bohol while Sr. Felicidad Maningo, Sr. Elizabeth Aragon of Nicaragua distributed the relief goods to 300 families of sugarcane workers in Ormoc City on December 9. Sr. Ma. Magdalena Saavedra, Sr. Ma.Teresita Cordova and Sr. M. Angelita Clemen, with the AMRSP, are also scheduled to deliver goods to the survivors.