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SME's 220th Birth Anniversary

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 11/08/2016

July 31, 2016 is the 220th birth anniversary of St. Mary Euphrasia our beloved Foundress. To celebrate this event in a special way this year, two activities were organized: First – the Tita – Lola Invite. Nieces and grandnieces of the sisters were invited to expose them to our way of life and to give them an orientation to our Mission and Charism. Hopefully, the seed of vocation will drop in their hearts and blossom to a response to enter religious life. The Second activity was the groundbreaking ceremony of our corner lot facing Aurora Boulevard.

The Eucharistic celebration at 9:00am was presided by Fr. Dan Cancino, a Camillian priest and a good friend of the sisters. He gave a terrific homily, a challenge to everyone, based on the treasure we hold dear to our hearts, based on the readings “Vanity of vanities”. After mass, we all processed to the corner lot. As the introduction says: “God has brought us to this time and place. As we break ground, we take the first step in the actual construction of a new building for the worship of God and the study of His Word. He has lead us to this site, heard our prayers, blessed our gifts, guided our plans and will provide needed wisdom to complete this facility.”

The Word of God was taken from 1Corinthians 3: 9-11. After a short prayer, the priest blessed the ground and the capsule that will be buried as the cornerstone of the building. Inside the capsule were placed two Newspapers, the Sunday Star and The Sunday Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Board Resolution allowing to construct, medals of St. Benedict, Our Lady, Sacred Heart, St. Mary Euphrasia, Blessed Maria Droste, a small cross and 22 coins. Then the priest and key people took a spade of earth to cover the capsule. We all prayed that this be a “place where all may come to know the presence of Christ, experience that joy of His friendship, and grow in His love. May the blessing of God descend like dew from heaven upon this place and upon all who will gather here.”

After Father Dan gave the last blessing, he called for all the construction workers including the architect and the engineers. The success of the project is in their hands, so he asked all those present to extend our hands over them and we prayed for them. Father blessed them with holy water. Coins were threwn and the young ones scampered to collect them.

The nieces and grandnieces with their aunties and lolas proceeded to St. Bridget School where they had an early lunch of “binalot” and then a program in the auditorium. One of the nieces, Janina Borbon emceed with Sr. Cielo, our vocation promoter. The nieces and grandnieces were introduced to St. Mary Euphrasia, foundress of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd and they witnessed the talents of the temporary professed sisters from Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. The group of nieces and grandnieces from Batangas was given a prize as the biggest group to attend. Let us pray that all of them will be drawn to the mission of the Good Shepherd.