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Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 05/05/2015

Mary Jane Veloso is a Filipina migrant worker sentenced for execution in Indonesia last April 28, 2015. She is a victim of sexual harassment, attempted rape, forced migration, human trafficking for labor and drug trafficking.  She and her family (her father is a former Hacienda Luisita farm worker) are struggling daily against ‘chronic impoverishment’ in Philippine society. They are caught in exploitative systems operating in national and global society that perpetually preys on vulnerable and impoverished women and children and their families.

“Mary Jane” is the face of every Filipina impoverished woman who struggles to defy the indignities wrought on them by societies that caters only to the rich, the powerful and the affluent. Mary Jane is struggling for life and dignity for the sake of her kin and her children.

In the face of all these odds and contradictions- death versus life, good against evil, light over darkness- “Mary Jane” prevails by not giving up on hope for her children.  Her deep aspirations for a better life united with the aspirations of peoples and their struggles to prevail against evil systems that exploit- have become actualized in reality. This is the miracle. The deep desire not to give up on hope became “a lighted candle” cursing the darkness of apathy and despair. Each one got involved and participated in the collective prayers, solidarity actions, petition signing, gestures of support for Mary Jane and her family. Every action no matter how small contributed to the bigger endeavor of saving a life in peril. 

The signature campaign and candlelighting activity initiated by the Good Shepherd Sisters and their partners in mission last April 24 and April 27 symbolized hope in NEW LIFE!  We prayed for all victims of tragedies- OFWs who continue to be exploited in all parts of the world including the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and other natural calamities.

For any tragic circumstance or victims of indignities, we shall continue with our collective prayers and show actions of solidarity and support because we  hope and believe in the Light of New Life  in Christ! 

The daily struggle for life and dignity continues.    Save the lives of more “Mary Janes” through collective prayer and actions of solidarity!