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International Solidarity

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 24/10/2014

The Philippine Province of the Good Shepherd belongs to an international congregation. It is linked to the other units in the congregation and is represented in international meetings and networking.

Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters

The Congregational Assembly for Contemplative Sisters (CACS)  was held in Quito, Ecuador, Aug. 8-21, 2014.

The assembly was participated in by contemplatives from the different units, provincials with contemplatives in their units and mission partners.

The document, Focus for the Future, written  during the 2008 contemplative assembly was also reviewed. It will be recalled that during the 2008 assembly  the contemplatives also approved their recommendation to approve the Integrated Constitutions. At the 2009 Congregational Chapter, the delegates including the elected  contemplative delegates to the chapter  voted unanimously on the Integrated Constitutions.  This had implications on the government structures of the congregation that created an apostolic and contemplative councils  that assist the congregational leader.

Philippine delegates to 2014 CACS were Sr. Elena Jalop, Sr. Ronafel de Leon and Sr. Regina Kuizon.

The 2014 CACS  is a preparation to the 2015 Congregational  Chapter 2015. Nine delegates were elected to the Chapter:  Sr. Elena Jalop of the Philippines and Sr.Bridget  Kanjirakattu of Southwest India for Asia Pacific; Srs. Lilly Kunnanattu and Agnes Baron of the International Contemplative Community for Europe/RIMOA; and Srs. Raquel Toledo of Canada and Maureen Johnson of Mid North America for North America; Mirian Colala of Ecuador, Luz Maria Chacon of Central America and Maria Jose de Lima of Southeast Latin America for Latin America.

The delegates will attend their respective intercontinental assemblies (ICA).

Leadership Training for Asia Pacific held in Kuala Lumpur

The Province Leadership Team  (PLT) of the Good Shepherd Sisters in the Philippines and the leadership teams of nine other units in the region attended leadership training organized by the Congregational Leadership Team  in Kuala Lumpur from September 21-October 2.

The  Philippine PLT is composed of Srs. Regina Kuizon, province leader;  Srs. Ananita Borbon, Ludila Panaligan, Carmelita Arenas, Susan Montano (Apostolic  Councillors) and Srs. Elena Jalop and Ronafel de Leon (Contemplative Councillors).

The 54 sisters  of the 10 unit leadership teams come from the Provinces of  Australia- Aotearoa New Zealand, Central East India/Nepal, East Asia (Cambodia, Myanmar Thailand, Vietnam), Indonesia, Northeast Asia ( China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan), Philippines, Singapore-Malaysia, South West India, Sri Lanka-Pakistan and Japan Sector.

Srs. Susan Chia and Elaine Basinger, with Evelyn Fergus, Josita Corera, Melina Ong and Ronafel de Leon as planning committee,  facilitated the session. The session uses a Co-responsible Approach to Leadership for Mission Today.

The leadership session uses an experiential and co-learning model. It is experiential because it creates an open, trusting and positive environment  for leaders to share lived realities, challenges and hopes of the future. It also enables leadership teams to relate and work together in ways that will bring about mutual and trusting relationships.

The 2014 Congregational Leadership Session for Unit Leadership Teams in Asia Pacific concluded with hope for greater solidarity and cooperation in the region in the areas of justice and peace, formation, mission development, and mission partnership.

Present during the sessions are CLT members  Srs. Armelle Dehannault, Eliene Barros, Susan Chia, Jude Ellen Golumbieski and Maria Teresa Pomar.


Asia Pacific ICA

The Asia Pacific Intercontinental  Assembly was held iat Genting View Resort in Malaysia from October 5-18, 2014.

Philippine Delegates are Srs. Regina Kuizon, Ludila Panaligan, Corazon Demetillo, Alicia Andres, Clara Lina Loilo, and Ms. Maricel Sevilla (Lay Mission Partner).

Sr. Rekka Chennatu, biblical scholar and currently provincial of the Religious of the Assumption in Pune, India was the resource person. She developed the themes of Moses and the Exodus,  the Samaritan Woman, the Washing of the Feet and the Good Shepherd story in the Gospel of John.

Each unit in Asia Pacific region is represented by a mission partner. The Provincials and Mission partners also discerned on the two lay mission partners who will go to Angers for the 2015 Congregational Assembly. Nine mission partners  from the five regions have been invited to attend the first two weeks of the chapter. It was in 2003 that for the first time six mission partners were present for five days at the congregational chapter.

Sr. Brigid Lawlor and members of the apostolic and contemplative councils Sr. Susan Chia, Eliene Barros, Rita Lourenco, Armelle Dehennault, Jude Ellen Golumbieski, Reina Escobar and Ma. Teresa Pomar to attend the AP ICA.

The Philippine delegates to the Congregational Chapter are:  Sr. Alicia Andres, elected delegate and Sr. Regina Kuizon, ex officio.

Sr. Elena Jalop will be one of two representatives of Asia-Pacific contemplatives.

The theme of the 2015 Congregational Chapter is, "Energized by the Spirit, we risk together for mission." The Chapter will be held at the Good Shepherd Mother House in Angers, France from June 7 to July 2, 2015.


APC Circle of Province Leaders' Meeting

Sr. Brigid Lawlor and the Congregational Leadership Team attended the Asia Pacific Circle of Province Leaders meeting on October 4 and 17.

The province leaders present were Sr. Anne Manning of Australia- Aotearoa New Zealand, Sr. Sabina Pathrose of Central East India/Nepal, Sr. Regina Htoo htoo of East Asia (Cambodia, Myanmar Thailand, Vietnam), Sr. Catharina Supatmiyati of Indonesia, Sr. Marie Jean Bae of Northeast Asia (China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan), Sr. Regina Kuizon of the Philippines, Sr. Joan Marie Lopez of Singapore-Malaysia, Sr. Bridget Paily of South West India, Sr. Francine Muthugala of Sri Lanka-Pakistan and Sr. Elizabeth Takeda of Japan Sector.