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Renewal of vows of Good Shepherd Sisters

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 14/03/2017

Three temporary professed sisters made their renewal of vows at the the Good Shepherd Chapel during a Eucharistic celebration on March 13,2017.

Sr. Annie Kyin Hponex, Sr. Christine Ange and Sr. Elizabeth Joseph of Myanmar, the Province of East Asia, have been in the Philippines since May last year for theological studies.

The renewal of vows were received by Sr. Regina Kuizon, province leader of the Good Shepherd Sisters in the Philippines, on behalf of Sr. Regina Htoo htoo, province leader of East Asia.

Celebrants of the Mass were Fr. Winston of the Holy Cross Fathers and Fr. Raphael Khup of Myanmar who is currently taking studies at the UST Central Seminary.

Good Shepherd Sisters, mission partners and girls in the residences were present during the renewal of vows.

The three sisters are among several temporary professed sisters who are in the country for studies, others are Sr. Oraphin of Thailand, Sr. Anita of Indonesia and Sr. Johanna Ajila of Ecuador. 

Photo. From left, Srs. Regina, Annie, Elizabeth and Christine. 


Homily of Fr. Raphael Khup

Gospel Readings: Luke 6:36-38


In Matthew’s gospel Jesus says, on the mountain: “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt 5:48), and in Luke, he says: “Be compassionate, as your Father is compassionate.” All Christians are expected to be perfect and compassionate. It is a good question to ask oneself; have I attained that perfection after several years of following Jesus? Personally, I have been Christian for 36 years, but I am not yet perfect. I have been in the priesthood for 7 years, but I am not yet perfect.

I preach to the people to love, but at times I fail to love. I preach to the people to forgive but at times I fail to forgive. I preach to the people to be compassionate but at times I still remain uncompassionate. So I am not yet perfect. The more I think of ourselves, the more we come to know that I are imperfect. But I do not get discouraged because I know God remains merciful and compassionate to me.

The moment we acknowledge our imperfection is the moment we allow ourselves to experience the mercy and compassion of God. And the moment we experience his mercy is the moment we extend that mercy to others. Due to our imperfection and sinfulness we may feel shameful but God still treats us kindly and compassionately. It is because he wants to teach us to be merciful and compassionate when we see the imperfection of others. “Be compassionate, as your Father is compassionate.”

So our Christian vocation is a vocation to perfection. To attain that perfection, Jesus teaches us today, be compassionate, do not judge, do not condemn. There is always a tendency in us to judge others or to condemn others, putting them down for the reason that they are not perfect. But we hardly see our own imperfections and defects.

So my dear sisters, with all our imperfections Jesus called us. We are called not because we are worthy and perfect, but because he is compassionate and he wants to make us worthy and perfect. And he stands always before us as a perfect model. Let’s keep our eyes always fixed on him. He is the way, the truth and the life. He always invites us, “Learn from me, I am meek and humble of heart.” After the heart of Jesus, the Good Shepherd let us always try to be compassionate, meek and humble.