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Remembering EDSA 1

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 25/02/2018

Sr. M. Victoria Joson RGS remembers vividly 1986 EDSA. At the community room, she posted pictures taken during the days at EDSA, when there were no flyovers, no MRT yet. Asked to write her experience, she obliged:

"Four days of thrills, no fears. Tanks before an unarmed people, a first in the world. Religious statues and food in every nook and corner. Is this what you call a revolution? 32 years after, what went wrong?"

EDSA 1986, without flyovers and MRT but a sea of people Sr. M. Victoria Joson RGS

Tanks and people Statue of Our Lady of La Naval

Sr. Victoria Joson RGS and Sr. M. Henedina Mananzan RGS

2018. Sr. Victoria said the 1986 pictures were taken by Temay Padero. (Photo by Sr. M. Anne Yago RGS)