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Reaching out to victims of Typhoon Juan

Submitted by: regina
On: 25/10/2010

Good Shepherd Sisters and friends sent relief goods to victims of Typhoon Juan in Isabela. A van loaded with goods left Quezon City for Guibang, Gamu, Isabela last October 22.

The team arrived safely in Guibang after almost 12 hours on the road and packed the goods for distribution to the victims.

In the earlier reports from Isabela, Sr. Teresita Cordova RGS sent text message that the 18 municipalities were affected by the typhoon and of these the hardest hit were the towns of Ilagan, Tumauini, the coastal towns.  Eighty per cent of houses, buildings, community centers, schools, churches, crops were destroyed. There were also losses in human lives.

While people need food, the victims also are in need of galvanized iron  (GI) sheets, wood, wire, nails, and other construction materials so that they can rebuild their houses.

The team. Srs. Teresa Danganan, Emma Marzan, Ms Allen Antonio and Mr. Augusto Pronce, accompanied by the Good Shepherd Sisters in Guibang, Srs, Minela Alvarez, Teresita and Claire Leones, visited the areas destroyed by the typhoon. In Gayong-gayong where Sr. Claire worked with the farmers and their families, the group, saw how the typhoon has destroyed houses and school buildings.

Corn kernels were spread by farmers to dry on the road leading to Gayung-gayung. Rice farmers hope they can still harvest from what was left by the typhoon.

In Quezon City, communities continue to contribute for the victims of the typhoon. Sr. Celine Saplala OSB and the Social Action Center of St. Scholastica's College in Manila also came to donate more food items.

As we pray for the victims and their families, our hope is that whatever efforts are being done, this will be of help to the victims.

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