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Prayer Service for All Saints' Day
and All Souls' Day

Submitted by: regina
On: 01/11/2010

This is the day of all the Saints. With great joy we honor all the men and women who live in the eternal happiness of God's great love. Among these saints, are people from our families, relatives, partners in mission, benefactors, friends and our own Good Shepherd Sisters.

Together will all the saints, together with all our beloved dead, we thank the Lord for his great love.

Leader: God, you are love, Your love goes out to the living and the dead. We give you thnaks for your great mercy and love. We thank you for callling all of us to live for ever in your friendship and your love, We thank you for the unending happiness of the saints in heaven. We thank you for your undying, everlasting love for all our beloved dead. Accept  our thanks through Jesus Christ our Lord.

All: Amen.

Leader: Let us now pray to God, who is God of the living, for all our beloved dead. Let us say to Him: Lord of Life, hear your people.

1. That we may honor our sisters who have gone ahead of us and all the dead, and keep alived the memory of their good name and th eir good deeds, especially their legacy of zeal and compassion, and that we may carry on the good work they have done, let us pray to the Lord...

2. That we may accept life and death from God's hands and live them as gifts from God, as offerings to people and as seeds that must bear fruit, let us pray to the Lord...

3. That all those who have died aunknown and whom nobody remembers,f or the victims of natural disasters and wars, for those how have died martyrs to causes they believed in, that God may remember them all, let us pray to the Lord...

4.  For all the dead who had to suffer much in life, from sickness, injustice or poverty that their sorrows may come to an end and that there may be no end to their happiness. let us pray to the Lord...

5. And finally for ourselves that we may help and support one another on the journey through life, that we maay share joy and sorrows, life and death, and that we may go the Lord's way side by side and journey with one another, let us pray to the Lord.

3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys, 3 Glory Be

Leader: Give them eternal rest, O Lord.

All: And may your light shine on them for ever.

Leader: May all the faithful departed rest in peace.

All: Amen.

Our Beloved Deceased Sisters:

Members of our Families

Photo Gallery: November 2010, 2009