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Aprill 24: Philippine Province celebrates Feast of St. Mary Euphrasia

Submitted by: regina
On: 24/04/2010

The Philippine Province of the Good Shepherd celebrates today, April 24, feast of St. Mary Euphrasia, foundress of the congregation, with four important occasions.

It was on April 24, 1868 that St. Mary Euphrasia passed away in Angers. France and was born into eternal life. Born Rose Virginie Pelletier in Noirmoutier on July 31, 1796, she entered religious life and took the name Sr. Mary of St. Euphrasia.

At the time of her death, there were 110 houses founded in France and other parts of the world. Today, there are almost 4000 Good Shepherd Sisters in 72 countries in the world.

Mission Assignments

In the Philippines, Sr. Cecilia Torres, province leader, released the list of mission assignments for the apostolic year 2010-2011. Every year, the list, drawn in consultation with sisters and communities is released either on Easter Sunday or the feast of St. Mary Euphrasia.

The Philippines has 22 apostolic communities and four contemplative communities. It has more than 30 Filipina missionaries in the world.  There are 146 Good Shepherd Sisters in the country.
Three members of the contemplative communities are from Indonesia while the Philippine Juniorate has several sisters from other Asian countries. 

Golden Jubilee

In the Philippines, 10 sisters will celebrate their Golden Jubilee of Entrance into religious life. They are Sr. M. Zita Alcazar CGS, (Batangas)  Sr. M. Stephen Betia (Negros), Sr. M. Vincent Borromeo (Cebu), Sr. M. Carmela Cruz (Malabon), Sr. M. Socorro Galvez CGS (Batangas), Sr. Mary Assumpta Lim (Cagayan de Oro), Sr. M. Fe Mendoza (Cebu) , Sr. M, Soledad Perpinan (Manila), Sr. M. Frances Therese Sunga (Pampanga) and Sr. M. Aida Violago (Nueva Ecija). Two of the 10 apostolic sisters transferred to the contemplatives in 1978 and 1981, they are Sr. Socorro and Sr. Zita.

Fifty years ago, the 10 sisters had their Clothing, a term used to signify that a woman has entered religious life. It was on April 24, 1960 that the 10 sisters had the clothing ceremony in the Novitiate in Los Angeles, California. At that time, the Philippines was under the Los Angeles province. It was only on December 3, 1960 that the Philippines was created a province and two years later, the Philippine Novitiate was established.

In today's Eucharistic Celebration marking the occasion, His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, archbishop of Manila, will preside the celebration, while Fr. Ramon L. Bautista SJ will be the homilist. Priests from various parishes and dioceses will also concelebrate. The Mass for the Golden Jubilee is scheduled at 8:30- a.m. at the Good Shepherd Chapel in Quezon City.

Perpetual Profession of Vows

In the afternoon at 3, four temporary professed sisters will make their perpetual profession of vows as Good Shepherd Sisters. They include: Sr. Angelita Clemen (Iligan), Sr. Leah Ann Espina (Iloilo), Sr. Loreen Granada (Majayjay, Laguna) and Diana Madulara (Iligan).

The four sisters had their period of intensification that consisted of a month-long joint intensification program with sisters from South Korea and South Africa. The February 14 to March 14 program was held in Quezon City. After that program that consisted of deepening of formation in congregational history, spirituality and areas of religious life facilitated by resource persons. The four Filipina sisters had 30-day retreat from March 15-April 15 in Baguio City. It was facilitated by Sr. Lourdes Fabia RGS.

Fr. Joey G. Evangelista MJ will preside the celebration while Frr. Carlos Ronquillo CSSR will be the homilist.

Acceptance to the Novitiate

Another occasion and blessing of the day is the acceptance to the Novitiate of Theresa Garcia who will take the name of Miriam Theresa. The acceptance ceremony will be held at the Christine Hall. in Quezon City at 7:30 p.m.. After the ceremony the sisters will accompany Sr. Theresa to the Novitiate.

During lauds and Masses today, the Philippine Province will give thanks to the many blessings the congregation has received and to the many lay mission partners in the world. The sisters also hope that women, children and the poor will experience life in abundance as Jesus the Good Shepherd  has promised.











1. genny dumay

Salamat Gina sa special feature na ito! Maalab na pagbati sa isat isa! Mabuhay ang kababaihan ng Mabuting Pastol lalong lalo na ang mga jubilarians! Di matimbang ang kahalagahan, 'pagkaginto' nyo sa puso ng ating Diyos, at sa samahan. Kung sa math eh...10X50 is 500 years...what a precious lifetime!

Indeed, God continues to bring us to green pastures! Happy Feastday to all!



happy happy happy to all: to the jubilarians, to diane, leah, lita and loreen and to miriam therese!

congratualtion sisters and a Blessed Good Shepherd Sunday too!

miss you,

3. aliw

happy happy happy to all: to the dear sister jubilarians, to srs diane, leah, lita, loreen and to miriam therese...

happy feastday to all of you and a Blessed Good Shepherd Sunday too!

miss you all,

4. aliw

happy happy happy to all: to the dear sister jubilarians, to srs diane, leah, lita, loreen and to miriam therese...

happy feastday to all of you and a Blessed Good Shepherd Sunday too!

miss you all,

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